Farms Visit @ Seletar West Farmway

Hmmm… our plan is to visit The Animal Resort and then Punggol Park but we ended up visiting another 2 Farms. (errr… we passed by two farms and were not welcomed by the dogs in one of the farm. –.-!) And Yvette dozed off on our way out. So we have to give the park a miss.

Anyway, at 2 plus, (we wanted to leave at 2pm but ever since we have Yvette… it’s so hard to stick to planned timing.) we took a cab from our doorstep to The Animal Resort and arrived shortly. And when the time we decided to leave the resort…. unfortunately… it’s shortly too.

I have read many good experiences from the blog sphere before decided to come here. I am not saying we had encountered any bad experience but our first impression for the resort was, this place is lack of manage. It’s really not worth the effort to make all the way here if you don’t own a transport.


But still, it’s a place where we could get closer to the animal. It has more kampong feel as compared to the zoo.

Animal Resort Collage - Tape 4 v1

Yvette was excited to see the rabbit and wanted to put her finger thru the cage to touch the rooster. She did pull back her finger when the rooster came closer to her and after hearing us telling her the rooster will bite.


We saw some exotic birds, rabbits, geese and a “weird” tree. There was a pond of fishes too. We can feed the animal by buying the animal food there but that didn’t come across my mind.





As I will be doing letter H with Yvette next week, I asked hubby to bring Yvette closer to the horse. Hubby didn’t bring her very near, about 2 arm lengths away, because he read from the site, the horse might bite.


We didn’t stay long. We left after spending good 20 minutes there.

As it was still early, and almost impossible to get a cab there (unless you call for one), we decided to walk out and visit two other farms we saw on our way in.

I think we are used to walk under the hot sun as we always been out at this timing now. Luckily there were plenty of trees around and making our walk easier.


About 10 mins away from the Animal Resort, we reached Mycofarm but we were not welcomed by the dogs. Apparently, this is not a place that accept public visit.


Summer Koi Farm is another 10 mins away from the Mycofarm. The admission is free and no one stop us from going it. My mum and Yvette were particularly excited to see the fish. Especially Yvette, she roamed around freely to see the fishes.




As it is a largest collection of Jumbo Koi’s in Singapore, it an eye opening for us to visit this farm by chance.


Again, we spent another good 20 mins there. We did pass by another fish farm selling Tropical fish but we only pop in for less than 5 mins. We headed home after walking all our way out to the main road.


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