Tot Learning Week 6 & 7 of 2010 (08th to 21st Feb 10)


In the past, I have been doing learning activities with Yvette without a proper theme. And sometimes I do, find something is missing. I finally found this site (I like) that could offer me activities associated with Alphabets and with a proper theme to follow.

This site is useful as it covers range of activities. Alphabet, Animals, Bible, Number, Books (The book recommendation is not always useful and going forward, I might use this site for reference), colours, Community Helpers, Crafts, Fairy tales, Holidays and Events (not relevant to me), Music, Numbers, Nutrition, Nursery Rhymes & Songs, Online Jigsaw Puzzle & Online story time and Activities. Most important, it provide link for us to download the learning materials and now make my job much easier. I can solely rely on this site if I don’t have much time to prepare extra activities for Yvette.

I only found this site on Wed, 17th Feb and start doing them on Friday with Yvette. It’s really beef up our learning curriculum.

I realized I have missed out teaching Yvette fruits and vegetables for the past few lessons. I will incorporate them into the new learning theme that I have adopted. I have yet expose Yvette to Art Appreciation as I am still trying to figure out how it should be done.

As CNY falls on the week 6, I have decided to combine two weeks learning activities as I really did very little on week 6.

If you will like to find out what we did for the past week in details, click to continue.

Alphabet Activity Theme of the Weeks: F is for Fish

We traced letter F’s in upper and lower case with crayon and I also sound out the letter with Yvette. (Link)


I used the Art & Crafts activity of the site to teach Yvette number and colour instead of letting Yvette does the craft. I laminated the materials and passed them to Yvette. Yvette like this “learning toy” a lot and keep pulling them off the learning board to play with it.


Coincidentally, the Nursery Rhymes I wanted to teach Yvette for last week; happen to be the same with this site. I used their material instead. Yvette likes this rhymes so much and keeps bringing it over to us, asking us to sing for her.


I printed out fish fact and wanted to go thru with Yvette but due to too many other activities, I have to give it a miss.

We didn’t do much but I really find this site useful. Lastly, here is the link for the activities.


Learning English

IMG_0769 We read Farmer Brown and His Little Red Truck for learning this week. But I can’t read well. And Yvette wasn’t keen with this book too. (Perhaps due to I can’t read well.) Anyway, there’s one good news to share, since last Saturday, she is willingly to sit on my lap and we read Goodnight Moon from Margaret Wise Brown together.

Letter F and hand sign of F was taught using the word card. Phonics was taught using the toy. But I did not teach any 3 letters word for the last two weeks.

Three vocabularies were taught last week. And they are Fork, Fan & Flower. I put the fork into the bag and with two other words.

2010 Week 06 & 07 (8th Feb to 21st Feb 10)

Since there was a stretch of holidays, I managed to revise those words we have learnt in the past few lessons.


We are still on Reader Rabbit Playtime For Baby & Toddler and Starfall for computer time. She had learnt B for Boy, Ball and D for doll from Starfall.


Learning Chinese

IMG_0788 We read one book from 皮皮狗的故事 –我不想上幼儿园。We skip the 口令. No listening activity.

IMG_0787 Unfortunately, I didn’t continue the number. Though, I didn’t cover the number, this will be one of the areas I need to teach Yvette soon. The Songs and Rhymes for Chinese for this week is 小金鱼(Normally, I will go thru the rhymes with Yvette every day.)

We did 我会读”幼儿启蒙读物, 我的家庭 与 我的身体 for around 2.5 weeks with Yvette. At the end of two weeks, Yvette could point all the body parts when I read to her in Mandarin & as well as English too.

我的家庭 我的身体

2010 Week 06 & 07 (8th Feb to 21st Feb 10)6 And this is the book I used for teaching body parts in English. Now she knows most body parts both in English and Mandarin.


Learning Shapes, Colour

I finally returned Flaptastic Shapes. We did two shapes last two weeks and found out Yvette had already know “Star” long ago. She can recognise “Heart” too. We revised all the shapes know by doing craft together. (I will try to introduce scissors to Yvette soon.)

2010 Week 06 & 07 (8th Feb to 21st Feb 10)7

Yellow was introduced last week and colouring was part of the learning activity too. I print out a banana and let her does the colouring all by herself.

2010 Week 06 & 07 (8th Feb to 21st Feb 10)3


Learning Number & Date

P2221065 We read Fifteen Animals by Sandra Boynton. I introduced “Three”. I revised “One” and “Two” with her.


And oh yes, she can recognise One in number and Five in word now.

Did you notice there is a day card on the learning board? I laminated those “day” card and pass to Yvette everyday when I bring her to the board for revision. I tell her what is today and ask her to paste it on the board.


Learning Toys

We were still on two-piece puzzle and I finally found out that she could put plane and ship all by herself.


We play our first toy from Melissa & Doug. It’s a Beginner Pattern Blocks that I brought when it was having sales in Toys R US a few weeks back. S$7 cheaper. Yvette like this toy very much and play with it every day now. On the first day she played, she has difficulty fitting the triangle and very frustrated with herself. She cried and refused to continue to play on. She still has difficulty with triangle but she is more willing to do more try after I encouraged her to do so.



This is a very good toy to get for your child. I been eyeing on Melissa & Doug toys but the price tag put me off. Finally I brought this with discount. I also purchased another two toys – Melissa & Doug Wooden Take-Along 24-piece Tool Kit & Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock. My order in this spree and my toys are finally here. But I have yet collected them. However, if you have decided to buy these toys from Amazon, they don’t come cheap. The shipping cost is expensive, so it is good to join spree or share with friends who are interested in getting them.

Yvette managed to dig out this set of Alphabets toy that I kept them in the toy box. (I can’t deny she is good in digging out stuffs.) Anyway, the toy was brought last year and I have already forgotten about it. This toy not only introducing alphabets, it also a toy to train fine motor skill. It’s not easy to chain them up together. It’s required some concentration and good pincer grasps. Plenty of coordination skill requires.

2010 Week 06 & 07 (8th Feb to 21st Feb 10)8

A new set of Play-Doh was given to her too. We (Yes the whole family) are so into Play-Doh. For this set, we only paid 10 bucks as it was having sales and I used the S$10 voucher to pay for it. She also played her “chopping wooden toy” and the fishing set again.



Practical Life Skill (s)

We didn’t do much for practical skills.

We continue with the funnel, a bottle and a measuring mug for her to transfer beans this round. She could concentrate better now.


I passed her the water spray to clean the mirror. She was so excited and kept wiping the mirror for me. But she hasn’t master the technique of spray out the water from the bottle.



Other Learning Activities

2010 Week 06 & 07 (8th Feb to 21st Feb 10)5 We did one sticker book over the long holiday too. And she is really into it. She can also stick better now without my help. I have brought a few of them and I think I will continue with this activity with her.

Plenty of playground trips due to long holiday. I also managed to arrange some play dates for Yvette. We’ve been  to our neighbour’s house for 2-3 times for the past two weeks and Yvette is now hooked to visit for sisters. My sister’s friend came visit at my mum’s place and Yvette had some fun with her daughter. We went Aunty Stella’s house for CNY visit and met her regular play date mates, Velda & Zac.


We went for a ride on the bicycle at East Coast Park over the CNY long holiday. It’s our very first long ride experience with Yvette.


We went HortPark for some nature walk and it’s so educational.


4 thoughts on “Tot Learning Week 6 & 7 of 2010 (08th to 21st Feb 10)

  1. I admire your determination to do learning with Yvette every week. All the activities, materials, time, effort makes me pale in comparison.

    As much as I want to do proper structured learning with her, I haven’t found time to prepare the materials, not to mentioned that I’m dead tired by the time I reached home.

    I like the alphabets card that you did, the one with the pictures on them. I will “steal” this idea and try to prepare one set for Chloe too. 😉

    Now I have to find time….find time.

    • Thanks for your compliment. Don’t compare you and me. You are working but I am not. 🙂 And I do see your effort to help Chloe too. Try doing the one with theme, easy and can download all materials from that site.

      I can email some material that I have prepared for learning. Just let me know what you need.

      P/S: I am so lazy to upload those materials to my site so that reader can download themselves.

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