Stairs Climbing @ 21 mths

In Yvette’s 21st Month developments update, I recorded, Yvette had finally showed great improvement in walking. Now, she does walk well. (I thought she will only walk well when she turns two.) Instead of taking MRT and walk to Forum, we are taking bus to JGC now. And she loves climbing stairs since then.


With so many opportunities in climbing stairs, she indeed makes improvement. Now, she could climb up 3 to 4 (4 inches high) stairs up herself without aid.

Oh yes, she could climb up all the stairs of the overhead bridge by herself holding the side railing and not letting me holding her hand. This morning, she climbed up the stairs all by herself. She took a rest when she was tired and I snapped a picture of it and I find she is so cute!


2 thoughts on “Stairs Climbing @ 21 mths

  1. Haha … last time when we had my daughter, we were staying on the 4th storey – walkup apartment. My daughter always wanted to walk all the way up too! And she’d started walking at 10mths, so she did have alot of practice. 😉

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