HortPark – The Gardening Hub

The weather was gloomy when we made our way there. We took a cab there together with my mum. The picture below was taken in the cab.


HortPark located at 33 Hyderabad Road, Off Alexandra Road can be access by public Transport. You can take MRT to Harbour Front and change to Bus Service 408 at Harbour Front Interchange. (This bus route is specially for travelling to park. There are many other alternative bus services to HortPark too. It can be found in their site.)


On our arrival at the park, I found that this park was officially open by our Prime Minister 3 days before Yvette was born.


The first thing I did when we went into the park; I brought Yvette to the toilet. I explored the nursing room too. It’s simple yet complete.


After answering Yvette’s natural call, we were welcomed by a big green patch that was made of special grass called Seashore Paspalum.

This grass can tolerate a wide range of water sources including potable seawater and recycled water. Minimal pesticide and fertiliser requirements, high water tolerance, very high salt and drought tolerance and the ability to grow in all soil types make Seashore Paspalum the ideal turf choice for the environmentally conscious.


And we actually stay in this compound under the hot sun for half an hour. This showed how much Yvette loves running on the grass.




Yvette touching the grass.



We have so much fun there. We have some drinks @ Adam Cafe before we moved on.


There are many attractions in the park, I particularly like the Sliver Garden. They seemed to be mysterious to me.


Then we found this tree.


If I don’t remember wrong, these are all the Hands-on House.



Beside roaming around, Yvette also started to explore again.


Before I proceed further, let me share some picture of the flowers we snapped along our way.





I entered The Permaculture Trail with my mum and Yvette while as this place was not possible to enter with our stroller.


This trail is so educational. It’s all about facts of vegetable, fruit, flower and plant. I found this bean that I recommended more than a year back.


The highlight of Yvette’s day was nothing but having plenty of fun in the playground. Again, we stay another half an hour in this playground. She really didn’t want to leave. Even my mum had so much fun too. (And today mark the first time Yvette officially greet my mum. She does know “Po” very long ago but always doesn’t want to greet her. So my mum was extremely happy today.)



IMG_0626 - Fav

Then she requested Papa to sit on it. She said “Papa sit”. After Papa sat on it, she requested me to sit too. Trust me, this sea saw is sooooo durable!


I always check the condition of the playground especially on those we never been before letting Yvette to play and I found this.


And there are 4 different type of playground in this park.




3D Playground


Beside the playgrounds, there was an Orchid Garden and a little plot of Lalang to separate each playground. Making the whole play area green and colourful.


IMG_0633 - Fav


After 2 hours walking in the park, we ended up in the shelter area to feed Yvette some porridge that I brought along. (There are two vending machines there selling drink and snack and they are cheaper than Adam’s cafe.) After feeding her, I bathed and changed her into another piece of outfit before we made our way out to town.

On our way out, we passed by the Butterfly Garden, it is closed. A notice outside the garden states, “Free Butterfly Garden Tour: 9am – 11 am (last Saturday of every month.)”

We passed by Organic Veggie Garden. I like the word 吉 they planted specially for Chinese New Year.


We passed by one fish tank and we pointed the fish to Yvette and Yvette was really excited over it. We did fish last week and I think she still have some impression for it.

We didn’t manage to visit the Bamboo Labyrinth, Prototype Glasshouses, Recycling Garden, Green Roof. There are many statues in the park too. I like these two.



We missed the Floral Walk on our way in as we took a cab. But we didn’t miss it on our way out. Floral Walk consists of a pleasant walkway lined with lush flowering plants. And Yvette was quite reluctant to leave the park.


I am glad my mum was here with us. With her around, we have another pair of hands to take care of Yvette. We were able to move around more freely with two cameras in our hand. And we really took a lot of pictures. Beside those picture I shared above, here are some of my favourite. (I only edited min. lighting for these pictures below.)

Fav - IMG_0608

Fav - IMG_0525

I really love the picture above. This is only taken once and I was running toward Yvette.

Fav - 2201029

Fav - IMG_0573

Fav - IMG_0501


4 thoughts on “HortPark – The Gardening Hub

  1. Such a long post and so many beautiful photos! Jacob loves running barefoot on the grass at our place too. The sensation must be so different. The place looks interesting.

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