A Little Mind of Her Own @ 21 mths

When a child is a baby, even when they couldn’t express themselves verbally, they are able to express their mind by showing us signs of resistance.

So when a child is a toddler, they started to speak their mind so freely because they can talk, they are so mobile and most unacceptably, because they know how to throw tantrums.

In the past, most decisions were made by our parents till we were much older. Now, we have to encourage our child to make decision at young age. I feel, this is the root of the problem.


Yvette is making her own decision day by day now. Ever since she started to utter “No” that was the start of my nightmare! She has been making her own decision since then. And it’s getting more and more often now. She will get upset when her choice or wish is not granted by us.

Nowadays, one of my daily tasks is to wrestle with her things I want, I need her to do over things she wants. It can be as simple as how she wants to drink water. Sometimes she will ask me for cup (she asks for different type of cup too), then request for straw then sometimes she doesn’t mind drink water straight from her water bottle. (She loves drinking water.)

When her requests are not too much for me to agree to, I will just close one eye and oblige to her needs. But when the need gets harder to compromise, the battle begins. And it does upset me always.

And here are the lists of decision making she does day in day out now.


ClothingMaking own decision on clothing surfaced when she was 20 mths. She doesn’t want me to put on some clothing for her of her dislike and she will walk to her closet herself to tell me what she wants to wear. From there on, she is making decision over a full range of clothing she has not over two piece of clothing if I do present to her.

Training pant – During the night time, I always change her to Bumwear Training Pant. Sometimes she doesn’t mind to put them on. But there are time, she will totally refuse to wear them and insist I have to put on Bright Bots Training Pant for her.


Shoes – Daddy always let her choose her own shoes but I always decide for her. On last Thursday, I have to oblige to her choice as it was not a bad choice taken by her.

Food – Being a fussy eater, she always decide how much to eat, what food to eat too. I can hardly force her in this area. So I have to cook a variety of food in order to gain her interest in eating.


Hair Accessories – I have plenty of hair clips given by friends and other family members. Shortly after she turned 18 mths, she never likes me putting them on her hair. It’s always removed by her when I put the any accessories on for her. Since then, I never have taken any picture of Yvette with hair clip. That’s one of the reason I never allow her to have long hair. And how I wish she will like to put on those accessories and letting me tie her hair. She really look good after I have dolled her up!

Sleep routine – This is the most difficult area for me to work with her now.

The above list can go on and on…. And this left me wondering what is in her little mind!


3 thoughts on “A Little Mind of Her Own @ 21 mths

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