A Quick Ride at East Coast Park

I never expect a smooth ride with Yvette on the bicycle as we have never tried before. (I meant we tried once at Pasir Ris Park but that was really a short distance.)

Today we cycled to and fro from MacDonald to Bedok Jetty with Yvette and it was a good experience. I have wanted to ride bicycle with her since she was able to sit up straight but I have been procrastinating too.


Anyway, we went there with my SIL and Cheryl, my niece. It was sort of a last minute arrangement but it turned out great. They came to our place at 11 plus and we left home shortly. They had lunch at MacDonald and Yvette had some fun at the playground.


We rented 4 bicycles for 2 hours and off we were on 2 wheels under the hot sun.


We rested at the pavilion near the food centre. Yvette had some fun playing sand. But we didn’t let her play for too long because we spotted ants after I was bitten by Ants.


I fed her with some fried rice that I have brought along and she was given some ice-cream too. I changed and bathed her in the nearby toilet before we moved on.

The sky suddenly turned gloomy around 2 plus and we decided to ride back.


We left the park around 3 pm as my niece had another appointment in the late afternoon. Although we only spent 3 hours in the park but certainly we love the experience and hope we can come again.


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