Why She Cried?

I will never able to feel the impact of this question if I would not a mum myself.

Today Yvette chose to cry when there were a number of the relatives in the house.

While she was bawling, I heard…

Aiyo.. Why cried till like that?

Why she cried har?

How she cried?

I also hope I have an answer why she is CRYING?

Sadly, I don’t have.

As I was trying to pacify Yvette, there was one relative, constantly making wild guesses, stating down what would be the possibilities of why Yvette was crying.

My question is, does it help me in calming Yvette?

If No, could you spare me your consideration of not making such guess?

Do I sound like washing dirty laundry in the public? But do anyone out there realise, me being a mum, the main care giver to Yvette, is even more zealous to find out why than anyone else in the house? I only know Yvette’s nap was delay because too many people in the house and she didn’t want to sleep. She dozed off almost immediately after we bathed her and she got scolding from her daddy who seldom scolds her. (She was crying before she slept.) And moreover, Yvette is under 2 is limited by her language development. She is not able to sufficiently express herself in word to me. So I can’t ask her why she cried!

I know many try to help but too many words of comfort only made Yvette cried harder… And it’s really obvious when Yvette heard her name being called by another person… she cried harder and harder. And there’s no way for me to stop her from crying.

I am upset, seriously. I feel very defeated at that very moment and Yvette really cried for more than an hour. She never stopped even after we left our house heading to my mum place in the evening. (She already cried for half an hour in our house while I was trying to pacify her.) She never stopped crying even we were on the cab for 20 minutes. She cried for another 15 to 20 minutes. Even my own parents didn’t spare me.

My dad even asked me to use the plant (Xia Liu – a kind of bamboo plant?) to wash her!!! My mum kept asking me to go market to buy flower to bathe her.


I rejected all their “offer” and told them I will never do that to Yvette.

Yvette eventually stopped when I proceeded to the table to eat. I was really hungry and it was like going to be 8 pm in the evening.

Was she hungry? Or she cries until she was hungry? She had been eating so much junk at home and I never stop her from eating them.

Nevertheless, after her dinner, she was back to her own self. I know I’m ranting oops, I just wanted to say my piece on the fact that I had a lousy day on the first day of CNY and Valentine Day!



8 thoughts on “Why She Cried?

  1. too much excitement, too many people. Schedule not same as usual. Kids quite simple – any upset to the usual routine, they will be upset. Eg. Jacob will be extra clingy when there’s more than the usual people around – like in playgroup too! Or they can be so excited that they become too tired but do not know how to calm down or wind down.

  2. gal, i noe is damn irritating.. they come with all sorts of “assumptions” this and that, and u shd this tat etc… -.- i noe what u mean, totally… just wan them to shut up if they can’t help.. hmmph

    gong xi fa cai to u.. 🙂

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