Yvette is 1 Year 9 Months (21 mths) Exactly

21 mths -2 v1

She is so demanding for the past one month. We have spent much time taming her down. We have plenty of meltdowns (here and here) in last month. Luckily all these problem were solved except the sleeping problem before she turned 21 mths. (Most problems are merely a phase.) I punished Yvette; I almost wanted to cane her too. 😦

She is now 82 cm in height and finally 10kg and she stays healthy throughout last month. But I smell some rat for this month regarding her health. She will probably down with cough or sore throat because of CNY goodies.

She finally walks well. But she doesn’t walk, she always brisk walking that the reason why I been saying she can’t walk well. I only realised she is actually brisk walking when some parents in JGC told me so. One parent came forward to tell me, “hey, your girl doesn’t walk, she is running all the time!”

Although she doesn’t like to brush teeth, she has learnt how to gargle. With this newly learnt skill, she started to like brushing her teeth. She also learnt how to remove her own slipper in an awkward way. She is trying to put them on too.

She is helpful. She is always ready to help in class and whenever anyone else needs her help at anywhere.


I like her imagination. Recently she keeps pointing this floor mat and tells us this is “Corn” and sometimes she will start to “peel those corns off the mat and pretend to eat them”.


She loves musical instrument. She loves Sweets and cold drink but not fizzy type like Coke. (But she doesn’t get it very often, usually over weekends.) There are some other activities she likes and I recorded them here.

Though she started to show signs of not wanting to learn; I found out she could recognise “Red”, “Boy”,”Cow”, “Heart and “Star”. She knows M and could go Mmmmm…. She also knows how to count. (She set her two index fingers to one and started to count, “One” “Two”.)

Reading with Yvette is another problem for us lately after she turned 20 mths. But I am going to hold one of my most cherished beliefs – ‘It doesn’t matter whether I can do more or better than the next guy. What matters the most is if I have tried my best and I have reached my fullest potential. Then there are no regrets.’

And I am going to read, read, read to her till she like to read with me again.

She doesn’t like meat but I am surprise to find out she likes “Ba Gua” – BBQ Pork, processed meat. Getting Yvette to eat is always a problem for us.

Her speech development is commendable.

Finally we are making good progress for night training. She wakes up to pee at night now. She could stay dry thru out some nights too while she still nurse for comfort in the middle of the night. But there are still some inconsistencies. On good days, I only need to wash one training pant but when she is too playful, at my mum’s place, or too many guest in our house, she tends to forget to tell me she needs to eliminate. And we have yet crossing the final hurdler on toilet trains Yvette. We decide to kick away diaper for outing in this month. We agree and will make the effort to bring Yvette to toilet every now and then while we are out. (To be very honest, we are not making a lot of effort to bring Yvette to toilet when we were out. We have been relying too much on diaper.) Having said that, I have already kicked off letting Yvette wearing only Bright Bots training pant when I am out with her to market or some short trip.

I only realized I have written so many posts about Yvette’s development in last month and this make the monthly update so much easier for me.


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