Reunion 2010

We are just like most families out there to have Reunion Dinner in both parents place. I had mine at my mum place in the afternoon and another round at my own place in the evening.

It had been years we were doing this. Ever since I got married, I always back for lunch. Luckily my SIL is from Malaysia, so we won’t have timing problem where everyone try to accommodate.

This is our lunch. My mum is the one who is doing all the cooking most of the time.



Yvette's lunch

My SIL cooked us some dumpling after lunch.


Back home, I have to prepare steamboat and cook some dishes for tonight dinner. And this year, every one of us is able to sit in one table to have our dinner after we found out a way, one year back.


And this is the second year; we will toss Yu Sheng after dinner.


Yvette seemed to like the idea!


For the first time in about 50 years, the first day of CNY coincides with Valentine’s Day. I wish everyone out there have a Happy CNY and Happy Valentine Day!


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