Some Thoughts on Men and Maids

I received an unexpected sms from a mum whom we had just exchanged our number days ago.

And it goes like this:

A: I really admire how you can manage a house plus a kid wif out a maid. My maid’s day off today, can die man!

SF: Haha. Cos I don’t like maid. And hubby willing to help too. I am sure you can. Woman very strong in managing such situation.

A: Lucky you. My hubby dun help. He woke up at 12 plus. I handled son the whole morning while he was snoring away.

SF: Poor you. I hope your son will be more obedient. Cheer up

Yes, I am lucky. At least I have a hubby who is more willing to hand on to take care of Yvette with me. Now he could bathe Yvette, go out with Yvette so that I have some “Me” time in the evening after dinner, he even cook for Yvette too. He can take care of Yvette while I shop, while I browse book for Yvette in the library, etc. As such, we can live without a helper.

Let me be honest, I do, I wish, I have a helper to help me. Sometimes I really run out of hand when I am with Yvette alone. But I am glad we manage to do so without them. Although it has been agreed between us, in any situation we really need one, we will have one. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to help anymore. Helper is there to do housework and not to take care of our kid!

I have pen down some thoughts months ago and this sms bring me back into such thoughts again.

Do men really think that after they provide their wife with helper, they really don’t need to help?

I am sure they don’t want the maid to take care of them when they are old but why they are not helping now?

This left me wondering, seriously.

As for maids, I always don’t feel safe if I will have to leave my kid with them. We do have a helper to take care of my disable dad together with my mum and Yvette sometimes is fearful when she came too close to her. (Sometimes the helper will try to help if my hands are tight.)

I would say; the kids will never like them if they have parents who care and take care of them. And with so many reports on maid abusing the child, I will be dreadful.

Let me hope I can enjoy my life without them as long as possible!


4 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Men and Maids

  1. I would’ve kicked my dh out of bed if he was still sleeping, man! I also don’t like maid – but I’ve hung on to mine for the last 7 +years bc she’s how I can survive having my MIL live with us. My “go-between” sort-of, and picks up after her, and will smile and pretend when MIL scolds her, or ignore. Only a 3rd party can do that. *Haha*

  2. hubby and i hve the same concept as yours .. maid is oni helper for housework, to educate , to care for our child is our job …

    So even if we hve a maid, we will oni opt for part-timers

    • Sonya,

      Our situation is tricky here. My FIL eye sight is getting worst, that a reason why we are considering a maid to look out when I am not around at home. Thus, we cant opt for part timer.

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