A Walk in Bukit Batok Nature Park

I have been staying at Bukit Batok since I was 14 but have never visited this park before. This is my first visit and as well as Yvette and hubby.


We been busying rushing out stuffs for coming Chinese New Year and I just realized someone is worse than me. 😛

Anyway, since this park is only 10 minutes walk away from my mother’s place, we decided to pop by.

We entered the park using the main entrance. The minute before we entered the park, hubby found out Yvette actually pooped. -.-! We changed Yvette in the park as the toilet is quite far away.

As we walked, I realized this park has sooo many sign boards than other park that I have visited before. I whipped out my camera and took a few of them.







We took a longer route before we reached the pond area. Without fail, Yvette will be fascinated by the water. And she pooped again! This round, I don’t have any more diaper and I have to put her on training pant. And the outcome was commendable. She stay dry for about 45 mins and only peeped when we reached my mum’s place.


We walked further and I was happy to see a playground. Daddy told me Yvette didn’t seem to be interested in going to the same playground when I was doing my marketing this morning. Since this is new to her, of course she had fun.


She runs on the glass


She plays with the sand


Down the slide!

We spent an hour there and my mum called when we were on our way out. Getting late!


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