English PlayClub Term 1: Lesson 9

Theme: Travel & Transport (2hr lesson)

Course Content for Lesson 9: Letter P

11.30 – 11.40 am Free Play

11.40 – 11.50 am Say Hello

11.50 – 12.00 pm Table Top demo

12.00 – 12.30 pm Table Top Activity: Craft Time

12.30 – 12.45 pm Magic Box, story/sounds/drama Day 2 Bears

12.45 – 1.00 pm Snack (Banana, Cheese & Biscuit)

1.00 – 1.15 pm Music

1.15 – 1.30 pm Outdoor Play


The morning was a breeze. Bus ride was good and we walked to Forum using the path just next to Four Season Hotel.

Yvette is slowly opening up herself now. She moves around more freely now and more participative. She loves to help. While most kids are busy with other activities, she tends to move herself to teacher and help to clean up.

Today they have flour play. And my little devil was throwing flour on the floor. She’s the only toddlers that did that. Messy!

JGC - Play club T12 (2)

I have not been taking much picture of Yvette in class lately. So I took a lot during the outdoor play today.


Serious look



Lovely smile



Cheeky yet sweet



She been holding this jug after I introduce the measuring jug to her.


And here are the crafts she did today.


Potato Prints



Dot-a-Dot Plane



We have lunch at the small eatery house. We have a quick one as Yvette insisted to go to pee after she was done. I am someone who can eat very fast. After I have Yvette, I eat even faster. –.-!


We missed the bus on our way out and this gave Yvette a chance for her favourite activity. Luckily the next bus was only 6 mins away.

JGC - Play club T13

Climbing stairs under the HOT HOT SUN!

3 thoughts on “English PlayClub Term 1: Lesson 9

  1. Hihi, I chanced about your blog when I was looking for reviews on Julia Gabriel. Am a first time mum with a 7 month old boy and would like to send him to a play group when he gets a little older. I have heard good things about JG but would like to know when is a good age to send babies for such classes since the age range (6 to 18 mths) is quite wide? Is 9 months too young? At what age did u send Yvette? Anyway, am so impressed by your dedication and commitment, esp the home schooling! great job! Its not easy being a mummy! I am still struggling and learning something new everyday.

    • Don’t worry about sending him there at this age. In JGC, no ABC in Playclub mean he only gets to learn when he is more than 18 mths or close.

      I sent Yvette to GUG first but then I didn’t like. I sent her when she was about 1 and then moved on to JGC. And I like it so much.

      They did activity like singing, “dancing” and even simple craft when a 1 yo could do. OF course at 9 mths, many motor skills have hardly develop but then it doesn’t mean they won’t benefit. Music and Movement and some simple motor skill activities they did in class. There a toys around in the Playnest’s class room is all for babies.

      I trust the above helps!

      Hehe…. It is not easy to be mum and everyone trying to be a good one. I am sure you can be one of them too!

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