A Little This & That about Yvette @ 20.5 mth

My niece, Cheryl had just put up an entry about Yvette. And I steal this picture she posted in her blog and put it here.


Indeed, she has grown a lot and there are so many changes about her that I have yet recorded down. I wished I could capture all moments with Yvette in a glass jar. But, these moments liken the morning dew. If I don’t pen it down, I will very fast forgotten about it and taking them for granted. And how I wish I can stop the globe for turning!!!

Looking back at things she likes to do or her behavior when she was 17 mths I realized some of the activities she used to like, she no longer do it anymore.

Behaviour @ 20.5 mths

She doesn’t like to look at gold anymore.

She doesn’t like to stand at the bay-window to look at scenery anymore.

She used to scare on sitting on those rides in the mall when they started to move after we insert coin. Now she likes rides a lot. She just had a taste of it two weeks ago after Daddy insert a dollar in. She refused to come down after the ride stopped and insisted Daddy to give her another ride. Of course, my hubby will give it. And after the second ride, still she didn’t want to come down. This round, hubby got to lift her up from the ride and she started to fuss about it.


At 17 mths, she started to help herself with the shopping basket when we are in supermarket. This action has slowly integrated into a full “shopping routine” for her. She knows every single “step” so well. After taking the basket, she will put some vegetable, bread and other stuffs she “wanted” to buy. Then she will keep telling us “buy” “buy” “buy”. Then when we proceed to the cashier, she will keep saying “pay” “pay” “pay”. When we are in the queue, she will utter “money” “money” “money”. We will then pass the money to her and let her hand the money to the cashier. Without us telling her what next, she will say “Thanks or 谢谢”.

This applied when we taking public transport. She learnt the word “card” from hubby when hubby keep telling her “give me back my card”. When we about to board the bus, she will keep asking us to give her the card, and she will scan the card herself. And most of the time, she will return us the card. When we are taking train at the MRT station, she will ask us for card too.

Taking cab is part of our daily life after we have Yvette. I don’t how she estimate, it usually 8 to 10 mins after when we board the cab, she will keep asking us for money to pay the taxi driver. After making payment, she will stretch her hand for change too. The latest surprise we have from our recent taxi ride was, she actually said “Bye Bye and see you” to the taxi driver. I have never said this to any driver before; she must have been observing me. I said this to those mummies after the swim class.

Apart from the above, the ways she expresses her affection or her love to us really take our breath away.

She doesn’t express her love to us verbally. So far, we have not heard her saying “I love you” to us despite we been saying that to her and teaching her to say so. What she does is; she will give us a kiss from time to time to express she loves us and usually by surprise – plenty of them. And when we are going out, she always ensure if I am the one helping her with her shoes, she will make sure I take out Daddy’s shoes for Daddy and vice-versa. She will ensure we eat too when we are feeding her. She will scope the dish into our plate. Her action is louder than her word even she doesn’t even say that to us.

Daddy always feel jealous when Yvette cried, she will look for me for comfort. But I do know Yvette loves her daddy as much as me too.

Daddy needs to work late today. At 7 plus, after both of us finished our dinner and having our Rest & Relax time in the living hall. Yvette from time to time will walk to the gate (I kept the door open most of the time for wind to come in.), yelling out “papa” “papa”. From this gesture, I know, she misses her daddy sooo much when she doesn’t see him at a specific time. She does love Daddy as much as me. This post also spells out how much she misses her daddy.

Learning Attitude & Learning Progress @ 20.5 months

I always have a mixture of surprise, frustration and bewilderment when I teach Yvette.

I recorded she does know some ABC and 123 but result has not been consistent there after. I know it not too wise to test our child now, but I have to know am I teaching her correctly and I need to ensure she is learning too. I know I’m the one putting undue pressure on myself. Pressure to perform a certain way but definitely not to prove how good Yvette is.

Anyway, this happened today too while waiting for Daddy to come home.

Yvette likes to play with cards. Credit cards, discount cards, etc. Today, she get hold some of my cards and she picked up the kiddy palace card and keep uttering “boy” “boy”. I have only just taught her this word boy when we ran thru the Starfall programme one or two day ago.


So she is learning. Her little mind is picking up knowledge. Then why keep producing so many inconsistent results? What is she thinking?

Although reading is a problem now, I hope we will be able to have break thru for this problem soon.

For speech wise, I think she’s making good progress. I always have mothers and grannies coming forward to tell me how good she is.

As Yvette is my first child, I have no idea whether she is good or not. But I am happy she does pick up some Cantonese and Hokkien too and she applies it correctly when necessary. I wonder how to grasp the language skill. @_@


7 thoughts on “A Little This & That about Yvette @ 20.5 mth

  1. Inconsistent results? Simply bc you’re not supposed to “test”. 😉 Not even get her to try and read. Just read read read for her. For children below 5years … just teach teach teach, don’t expect.

    Okie okie… i’ve just been reading Glen Doman. I got the whole set free from a friend. If you want, I can pass to you after I am done.

    • Heh, I expected this comment from you when I saw your name appeared on the side bar. I never test her anymore. I just want to be truthful when I blog this.

      Yes, I don’t mind reading more material on Early Childhood. Thanks

      Hey, is our play date on next Wednesday still on?

  2. ur gg is really gd in observing on wht to do …

    nowadays bz bringin bb to cc … nt tht bad i hope as least he starts to socialize with the others …

    • Yeah her observation is good.

      Will like to hear about update from you about your boy when you comment on my blog.

      BTW, I keep wanting to ask you, you still remember the room number in Glen E when you gave birth? I think mine is 506.

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