In Preparation of 2010 CNY

We did not go home after our Zoo trip yesterday. My sister’s boyfriend came to pick us up and we requested him to drop us at Kallang MRT so that we could proceed to Tampines to return the pass. (Another reason of not going back home was, Yvette was still very energetic.) However, Yvette dozed off when we reached our destination.

This was really the first time I shopped and dined in Tampines Mall. It was soooo stressful to eat in the food court where everyone was eyeing on our seat. Anyway, we decided to shop for CNY goodies as we haven’t done so. -.-!


Today, we headed town for clothing. We have yet brought any clothing for our parents, both daddies. And hubby insisted to buy another set of clothing for Yvette although Yvette has so many new clothing at home. Nevertheless we were lucky to get everything we planned to buy except our own clothing.





Anyway, knowing CNY is merely 14 days away, there are still lists of items we have to buy:

Ba Gua (BBQ Pork)

Pineapple tart and other goodies

Place order for Roasted Meat for Reunion Dinner


Mardarin Orange

Most importantly, I have yet changed new notes for Red Packet!


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