Our Afternoon at Pasir Ris Park

We have been wanted to teach Yvette how to ride a real bicycle. After seeing her having fun with the 3-wheels when we were at Baby’s Hyperstore while collecting our Maclaren Saftety Kit, this made us more wanting to teach her this skill. (I think we are kind of regret not getting that for her because we can’t find one she like it as much as of today.)

Cheryl, my niece suggested Pasir Ris Park to me as she highlighted it safer to ride there than East Coast Park. Less people. We were supposed to go with them but they were out for their last minute hiking trip at Malaysia. Well, so I asked my sister whether she will want to come with us instead, my sister was kind to offer us to take us there. (It’s always more convenient to travel with own car. Too many things need to bring along.)


It’s Yvette first trip there as well as my sister. I was there many years back during my teenage days.

We drove in to the almost end of the park and settled there. But then we realised it is not a good place for sand play, water play as well as it not convenient to rent a bicycle, no nearby kiosk there. (It’s a fishing spot. Hubby found some dead fish there and was afraid Yvette will pick it up.) We decided to hop back to the car.


Found a coconut

Some unpleasant moment happened before we hop back.

I was trying to feed Yvette lunch but Yvette was more interested to move to the sea. (She didn’t have a good breakfast. And I am sure she was hungry.) Hubby had to bring Yvette back to me and this made her cry.


So this round, I play smart. I fed her in the car. Finish half of the porridge and then we went back to the beach. We managed to feed her another half of it. I guess, she was really hungry.

After settling down again, they went to rent bicycles with Yvette. Hubby got this bicycle for Yvette for S$2 (2 hours) but in the end, Yvette lost interest it in. We guess most probably because she has difficulty reaching the paddle.


Then we brought Yvette to the sand for sand play while my sister and her boyfriend went on for their cycling trip.

It didn’t take Yvette long to warm up and she was really into it.




I always find Yvette is an adventurous child when come to play. She saw daddy heading toward the sea water to fetch water to build the sand castle, she immediately like the idea and follow. She walked there all by herself. And this leads to another activity; water play.



Monkey see, Monkey do

She refused to stop!!! She wanted to go deeper and deeper. She wanted to dip her own body in!!!





And we have to remove her from water. I bathed her in the public toilet using the pail. (Should bring along another pail, she kept snatching away the pail from me and kept fussing over me pouring water over her.)

After a good bath, she started to make friend. So cute! (They were waving to each other at a distance, I moved them closer.)



This baby really cute. He kept smiling even to me, a stranger.

Snack Time!

She remained active even though it was her nap time.

So we decided to cycle down to the playground with her. And this was the first time she was on two-wheels. And the driver was ME!


Mama, let's go, dont keep me waiting

There were many activities to play at the playground but we didn’t explore. She run around the playground and trying to make friend again. She chased after the little boy too. –.-!



We put her on swing for the first time too. She never likes swing and always reluctant to sit on it. As expected, she only sat for less than 1 minute and wanting to come down.


As we were required to return the bicycle, we have to cycle back after staying at the playground for 20 minutes.

We packed and decided to leave around 5 plus. My sister and Yvette dozed off in the car!



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