Brisk Walking up Fort Canning Hill

We are taking small steps to a healthier us.

We decided to go Funan Center to get a secondary camera as a spare. (Yes, our Canon Camera is giving us some problem because of Yvette.) We alighted at Dhoby Ghaut MRT and take a walk up to Fort Canning Hill before we finally to Funan Centre. As We have hardly come out of the station and to our surprise the outlook of the station had change.

Fort Canning Hill

To enter Fort Canning Park, we took the route next to Park mall. It is easier as compare to start the journey from City Hall MRT. (Anyway, our destination is Funan Centre, it will not make any sense for us to start walking from City Hall.)

We saw this “not working” water fountain on our way in.


Then we walking up a slope and entered a tunnel. After the tunnel, we have to walk up another slope before we reached Fort Canning Park.



We let Yvette down after we were up on the hill but she kept wanting to walk on the grass instead of the pathway. –.-!!!


After strolling in the park for awhile, I was bitten by mosquito and immediately I went to check on Yvette.  She was kissed by the mosquito too. I quickly applied Deet-free Mosquito Protection from J&J all over Yvette’s body, leg, hand, face and even her ear. I also used Mosquito Repellent Patch from Tiger Balm. These two combination work wonder. (I always carry them with me.)

No more kisses!



We continued our walk after all the necessary was done. We walked past the Spice Garden, ROM, Asean Sculpture Garden and Fort Canning Green.

It’s a quiet park. We didn’t see many people around.

Still, we had have fun!



We found a few water cooler on our way. Nice thought of N Park.


We wanted to settle down at Picnic Terrace to have some snack but then I found there were many ants as well as mosquito too.



We have to move on again to search for a better place. We walked further in and saw a cat. All of us was soooo excited about it. A cat in town!


We finally settled down at Raffles Terrace. Set up our mat and start to have a short rest.



While enjoying the serenity, Yvette kept wanting to go back to the water fountain for water play. –.-!!!


Our way down was less interesting and tedious. Hubby got to carry our stroller and I have to carry Yvette as there were many many stairs for us to “conquer”!




P/S: As for our secondary camera, I brought a Olympus U-7010.


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