Having More Meltdowns @ 20 Mths

I almost couldn’t believe my eye this afternoon when I saw Yvette kept looked into this picture book that I have created months ago (for her Chinese Learning Curriculum).


Initially she just looked at it and kept uttering 爸爸,爸爸,then I started to see her face expression changed from happy to sad. Then tears started rolling out of her eye. I could tell from her naked eyes, she was missing her daddy. (Unfortunately I never video down the whole scene.)

I quickly picked up the phone and called her Daddy but she refused to talk to him.


She just kept crying.

This left me wondering.

At 20 mths, many little things can make her happy as well as making her sad.

Playing with a pillow (love her laughter; the picture post on her 20mth update; she was playing with a cushion), playing with mini massager, playing with a nappy cloth can make her laugh and laugh non-stop.

20 mths1

Little things like dressing her, not getting what she means and wants etc, can really upset her.


Wanted to get out of the house

“Real emotion” is developing.

After not teaching her actively at home for a few weeks, I find it is tedious to teach her now. As I was gearing up today, and was trying to teach, she’s simply not listening and wanting to do things by her own way. So learning at home is another problem here.


While I trying to match, she keeping away the toys.

Potty training is another nightmare. This only happened in these few days. She will not prompt when she wants to pee. She just utter “wee” “wee” then the next moment I will see pool of water on the floor. And this only happen after dinner; Hmmm I wonder why too.

Bed time is another issue too. The “quiet time” usually starts from 9 to 9.30 pm and all of us will be on bed by then. We will then read her some story books and run thru some learning books with her too. By 10 to 10.15 pm, we will switch off the light. She will normally be nursed to her slumberland. She will sleep at 10.30 to 10.45 pm and latest will be 11 pm.

It is so difficult to pat her to sleep now. Yesterday, we left her tossing on the bed while both of us already slept. Today, we decided to adopt the same strategy again. She manage to sleep only at 11.15 pm which was already sooooo late.


Finally slept at 11.15 pm


So many challenges waiting for me now!

P/S: All the pictures were taken today, thus, meaning all the events happened today too.


8 thoughts on “Having More Meltdowns @ 20 Mths

  1. Falling asleep at 11.15pm is very late indeed, considering she was on the bed at 9 pm. At least she can toss and turn and fall asleep by herself. 🙂
    Perhaps try getting to bed for story-time 1/2 hour earlier at 8 pm? I like my boy to sleep early so that I can relax while he sleeps. Good luck!

  2. MieVee,

    8 pm is a little early for Yvette. As Daddy only back home around 6 plus to 7. Dinner will be right after Daddy is back. Then cleaning up after dinner. Bonding time with Daddy only starts after clearing up the kitchen. (We have no helper.)

    • I have thought of this before but waking her up not out of her own will, will bring me more trouble. -.-!!!

      Thanks for the suggestion and thanks dropping me your first comment!

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