Having Fun @ Marina Barrage

Being a full time mum, I can easily decide any activity for Yvette base on her lifestyle and habits under my finger tip. I know she will not be able to nap after having lunch with Stella’s family and decided give my sister a call.

Sister decided to go Marina Barrage. I guess she like it because the wind is soooo strong there. Indeed was stronger and her kite was gone with the wind too. The kite flew too high up and being cut by another kite. (Anyway, they have many kites. Being a season “kite-flyer”, they always prepare for more kite to avoid such situation. Maybe it a good back-up solution for anyone of you who fly kite to avoid dispointment.)

As for Yvette, the moment she landed her foot on the big field she started to run. Honestly, I really love to see her running around the field and touching every nook of the field. Touching the grass, the stone sit, and even touch a dog!

It’s an impromptu one but I am glad we went. Yvette had so much fun! BTW, our last visit to Marina Barrage was so long ago.


Yvette started to run away from our mat. Ah Yi was so afriad she will lost in the big field and ran after her.


I let her run away from us again. She kept running to and fro.


Yvette started to examine the grass


This kite is the central of attraction for the day. Even Yvette uttered "wow" when she saw this kite.


Yvette getting bored and started to solicalise. These group of girls like her so much and kept wanting to take picture of her but Yvette kept running around after saying "Hi"


"I also want to fly kite, Ah Yi"


I walked Yvette around and saw this dog. I encourage her to pat on Alex as he doesn't bite.


Yvette sat down beside Alex. I let the family took picture of Yvette cos they allow us to pat their dog.


Never miss this view in Marina Barrage


Warm up for water play


I scanned around the water play area, Yvette was the only girl toddler who totally wet herself during the play. She even lied down to enjoy the running water.

Lastly, this is my favourite photo of the day!



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