Dressing Yvette @ 20 mths – My New Challenge?

I never have problem dressing my little princess. But I hardly dress her in dress or skirt when she was younger, eg from 0 to 12 mths. Most of the time, I dress her in Capri (to protect her knee because she can’t walk well.) And I don’t find dressing a baby in dress look nice (a very personal opinion).

Anyway, this happened not only today, it had happened several times after she turned 20 mths. It also happened when I decided to dress her in “princess costume” for my brother wedding. But I didn’t manage to put the first set on. I been testing her liking toward this dress out, but every time I tried to put that on, she will fuss and cry. So I have to buy another set of dress for her. I manage to put on the second set for the wedding dinner, because she was sleeping when I dolled her up.


Dress 1 - made of Chiffon material


Dresss 2 - made of Ivory Silk material

It happened again on 09th Jan, I dressed her up in a new dress brought by Cheryl, her cousin, and she was howling and struggled to pull but I managed to coax her and off we went to Orchard for some errands.


Dress 3 - made of Cotton

I never expect this to happen again, and it does.

On last Wednesday (13th Jan), I tried to put on an overall dress for her and she cried like mad. I was really angry over her crying over this little dress which she has worn it several times. Again, I managed to coax her and we went out.


Crying hard over the Jean material Overall dress


Happily out with this dress after I insisted she have to wear with some coaxing too

Yesterday, I put on another piece of new dress for her. She howled again. Arrr… this round really really bad till the extent I need to remove it and change her to another piece of dress.


Dress 4 - made of Cotton

Today, not dress anymore. It was a piece of bottom that upset her. I removed them, sat down with her in front of the box of her clothing and let her chose what she will like to wear. Finally, she chose this little flowery short and when I tried to change her, she just couldn’t stop crying.


Made of Cotton


Flowery Bottom chose by Yvette. Made of Cotton

As I was running late, I decided to pull another bottom that she always wears, but that didn’t stop from her crying too.





All these dresses and clothing are all so different. Those dresses that I wanted to put it on during the wedding are made of Chiffon & Ivory Silk material. The overall is made of Jeans material. Another two pieces of dresses are made of cotton material. The short is cotton and then the Jean.

The problem now is I really don’t know she like and she dislike. Probably I can confirm she really doesn’t like those 4 dresses. But those bottoms, she always wears them. Out of sudden, she develops dislike for them???

Can anyone tell me why?

I really hope it’s just a phase! As we are out almost every day for classes; I really can’t imagine I have to deal with her crying over dressing her up E-v-e-r-d-a-y!


10 thoughts on “Dressing Yvette @ 20 mths – My New Challenge?

  1. i think is very normal, little kaikai always cry and angry when i put on clothes on him since he was a 1 month old baby till now!!!(no matter what kind of material, even singlet!) His cry is very very fierce and can drive me crazy..He doesnt like to wear clothes, and diaper, so everyday after bath, he will run to the living hall and sit on the sofa. When we try to wear clothes for him he will cry, lastime cry till vomit!!

  2. another issue, probably she don’t like to wear dresses… For my vel, i used to dress her up in 2 pcs as well.. so during 2 , 3yo, there is a time she refused to put on dresses…

  3. Guess I’m lucky cos Chloe very vian, she will wear anything as long as I tell her that it’s pretty.

    Maybe you can try putting 2 sets of clothing out for her than let her choose. I will also let Chloe look at herself at the mirror after I dress her then I will praise her, saying she’s pretty and such.

    She enjoys the attention so it works.

  4. LittleKaiKai,

    Arrr. cry till voimit! That very serious. The way Yvette is crying now already very bad. Hmmm but hor, I don’t think is normal to cry for Yvette (but normal for your child since he doesn’t even like it when he was even a month old baby.), something must be not right but I just couldn’t figure out.


    No tag leh for dress 3 and 4. I guess it cutting but she is happily wearing dress 3 to town with us.

    As for dress, hmmm… not all dress she don’t like but I think she prefer cotton material dresses.


    Hmmmm but the last piece of Jean is a Capri cut Jean. So it is 3/4 long only. Air can go it! 😛


    Haiz, no use even we keep telling her she look pretty. We also bring her to mirror but as long as she doesn’t like it, she will not stop crying.. need a lot of effort to pacify her.

    Ya.. now I let her choose between two.

    How I wish Yvette like Chloe. Maybe one day must bring her to meet your daughter to get some “vain dust”.

  5. sounds weird.. maybe it’s just a phase they go thru… like what lazymummy suggested, why dont you put 2 pcs for her to choose, sometimes i do that with bernice too. just to let them have abit of say in everyday life, but dont want to spoil them with choices. give her a choice between a dress and a carpri set, then slowly see what her choices are to understand if she’s feeling uncomfy in the dress or just being cranky

  6. Stella,

    Knock your head har…


    Finally I get to see your face. Thanks for visiting me. I chanced up your blog long ago and you didn’t forget me.

    Oh yes, I did. Now I let her choose but again I also scare girls tend to be indecisive when come to making decision.

    Another thing is, I don’t like her keep wearing the Capri set and not wearing dresses or skirt as most my niece grown up wearing pants and shorts… hmmm I still think girl must dress nicely, just like Chloe.

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