Yvette is 1 Year 8 Months (20 mths) Exactly

20 mths

Her growing days from 19 to 20 month is another new learning curve for me. She started to learn, to articulate more and more. She keeps bringing books, toys to us and ask us to read and play with her after i actively teaching her at 18.5 mths. Back to school this month after resting for a month so.

Physically (Movement)

She weights 9.6 kg in and her height is 80 cm and 45 cm for her head circumference as per 31st Dec 2009. Her feet doesn’t seem to grow, they are still 12 cm. Even the teachers commented she has small feet. Perhaps just like me. Towering at 1.65 cm, size 6 is my feet size. I only put on half 0.5 after I given birth.


She is systematic, sharing and fearless. And a happy child.

Systematic – She is so systematic to the extent that she has to handle over our stuffs back to us and not via another hand. She will put back those stuffs she took from but strangle not her toy. We went to my friend house today, she remove many things from her shelves, table and even bag. My friend asked her to put back, and she really did. She even put back some of the stuffs she removed without us asking her to.

Sharing – I never see her snatch other people toy. Whenever she is eating, she will give me her share. She will pass some food I give it to her to her YeYe too.

Fearless – Read this post, you will be able to relate how fearless she is. She also never turn back her head to ensure we really follow her when she running away from us.

Behaviour (Mentally) & Motor Skills

She is full of ideas. Look at the way she manage the mop all by herself is making us laugh.


She is a little helper to us. She loves to help whenever I am doing cooking in the kitchen. She could break the vegetable, scope the rice grain into the pot for me, etc. (In fact, she have been helping me for long ago but she is getting better and better, really helping me nowadays.)

She loves looking at baby now. (She will utter “baby’ “baby”) Cats, dogs and birds are still her best friend to catch her attention.

Her dislikes & Fear

She hate wearing dress made of Jean material such as Overall or Jumper, she cried so hard today when let her wear the overall. She also dislikes those lacy dresses that I let her wear during my brother’s wedding. I manage to put it on for her when she was sleeping thus she never notice what she was wearing.

Potty Training


I am so happy that I finally put Yvette on the bowl. I have been trying since 18 mths and now she happily sit on the bowl even when we were out in the public toilet. I am another step near to fully train Yvette. We totally skip the potty stage and went straight to bowl. I don’t why she doesn’t mind to sit on potty but she never want to pee or poop there. She also started to tell me she wanted to pee or poop by saying “wee” “wee” verbally not pressing her bottom anymore.

I started to go diaperless, not even cloth diaper when I am out with Yvette for short market trip and everything goes so well. *finger cross*

The last 20% will be the night training which is very hard for us to achieve. She sleeps like a “dead” and still waking up to suck for comfort. In order to make it possible, Yvette got to wake up to pee and stop drink water before bed time (she suck for comfort in the night).

I think it will be not possible for now although there are nights she could hold her bladder all the way to morning.

Vocal development – Speech

She is really very vocal. This is encouraging because the next generation needs to be articulate more than our current. But the downside is; she is a chatterbox.

She is a lazy speaker. She prefers using single word to communicate to me rather than learning to say the right thing. I only started to teach her expressing herself in full sentences not long ago. And I am looking forward when she’ll string nouns and verbs together to form simple but complete sentences, such as “I go now.”

We are pleased to find out she listens and learn words from us without us teaching her although we are equally surprise too. (Read our surprise here)

Lastly, I know she is learning academically at 19 mth . (Here)

Feeding & Diet

Breakfast strike came back! She really doesn’t like to have breakfast. It seems her stomach only start working after 11.

Lunch and dinner are ok. She prefers noodles than any other food on the table.

Emotions (Tantrum)

Sadly she doesn’t have mild temper like her father. She has fiery temper like me. -.-!!!


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