I Think She Knows @ 19 mth

Learning at home has been fun for Yvette and I and I realised she actually learn more and absorb more when she is learning from me. This again mark the saying The best educator here is still the parent ourselves.

So can stop going school?

Nah, I still think school is still important. Another reason of going to school where I didn’t mentioned in my previous post, Yvette is born Timid. Based on her Eight Character, we went for name naming and found out one of her characteristic was timid.

And how we overcome this?

We have constantly explored her to all different environments. That’s why outing is so important to us. I don’t want her to stay in her comfort zone just for the sheer pleasure of feeling safe. Nothing venture, nothing gain.

At 19 mth, I know she is not timid at all. Sometimes she is very very bold. Today we were out for appointment, while chit-chatting with my friend over this topic and share how fearless Yvette is; she agreed with me indeed Yvette has overcome this barrier.

Anyway, I started doing structure learning when she was 18.5 months. The alphabets activities were rolled out (First lesson here). And most of the time when I teach, I am not sure is she learning? She always gives me the attitude that she can’t be bother from time to time. She has very short attention span.

These few days, I finally see some light. My effort has paid off.

Then again, I am not the type of parent who looks at my child’s achievement on how much she has attained academically. I believe in character moulding. Many Educator Experts stressed that a child basically has only one natural window for learning language — from about birth to about age four.

But let’s take a look at our top scholar for the recent PSLE. She could barely speak English and she scraped through her first English Exam at primary 3. But then, her English grades were in the 90s a year later.

There is no secret to her success, the only thing she did was to self-motivate and move on and on.

I am not going to picture Yvette is going to be like the top scholar. It is still good to learn now than later. But I really admire her determination. This is what I want to see on Yvette. I wanted to raise a child with self-motivation and yet selfishness. (I have seen many unselfish gestures from Yvette during class and she was playing with other child in the toy store and even during play date.)

I don’t need Yvette to be the top. She doesn’t need to be the first few toddlers in town to learn all the alphabets by 3 or even 2. I may try to do anything that can help speed up learning, whether by phonics or by sight-reading. But I will sit down to review her character and then decide where her interest is and move on again from there. She can do sport, music and even art but she need to know she is responsible over her own life.

Ok too much of the side track and let me move back to what we have found out Yvette has learnt.

She knows Letter B & C


Two days ago, while doing Reader Rabbit Playime For baby & Toddler with Yvette after her nap, I decided to “test” her before I clicked the letter. (We don’t do this programme every day. Normally I try to do with her, 2-3 time per week.)

I asked “Yvette what is this letter?”

She answered very confidently, B.

Then Papa came back a few minutes after she said the B to me correctly. I tested her again to confirm my “finding”.

She said B again, loud and clear this time and Papa can even hear her in the toilet. (We were on the bed where Papa was in the toilet.


Found out she know C today when I did the programme with her again. She not even can tell me C, and she follow by Corn. So she knows C for Corn?

I revised the learning card with her from time to time and I found out that she could recognise word like Arm, Alligator, Bear, Banana, Bear, Ball and Corn. I have yet removed those words from the picture so I couldn’t confirm she is associating those words with picture or she really knows those words. But nevertheless, I am happy she could relate those words with picture and say them out correctly. Not to forget, I only actively teaching her for 1.5 months.

Should I speed up? I have no time to make learning card. Should I use flash card instead? Not flashing but teaching word. But I guess she could relate so well because these learning cards are personalised.

She knows Number 5 & 8, 9

We did not actively teaching her number. Number are taught by reading number books and only started to play some toys associated with number recently.


Number 5

I have been trying to read this book, Counting Kisses by Karen Katz but she doesn’t seem to have any interest at all. I never have any chance to show her much too…

Then on 02nd Jan 10, (I can remember so clearly because I immediately whipped out my camera and took down this page after she told me this symbol), I was flipping this book, appreciating this book myself and out of sudden I decided to ask her, Yvette what is this number?

She glanced at it and said 5.


Number 8

There are two toys associated to number that Yvette like to play. She plays the cookies toy everyday but occasionally she will dig out this puzzle toy from the toy box and start playing with it.

Usually she will only remove the puzzle from the main piece and not bother to put them back. I will always help her with the puzzle and usually we never complete (due to her short attention span again).

I picked up 8 and asked her today and she uttered 8 immediately.

Oh my. This is really out of my expectation.

As for number 9, usually when I read till 8, and point onto the nine, she will say 9 immediately.

I reported she could count after me both in Chinese and English (in this post) and I see improvement day after day. I know she is not blindly counting because when we were counting, she tried to set her finger to One, Two. And nowadays, when I practice counting with her, it goes 1 then she will say 2, then I say 3, she will say 4, it continues till we count to 10.

19 mth

We know she knows numbers but when and where she picked up those symbols? So my guess is, it must be the cookies toy she plays every helping her. We always pick up one or two cookies to teach her number and she remembers. With the fact that all these toys are only added recently, she already started to pick up these numbers. So Learning thru play works for her.

Words and Verbs she knows

We did not count how many words she know but we know she knows many. Girls tend to be faster in their speech, and I think this saying is right. She really talks a lot every day. But I feel she is a lazy speaker. She prefers to use one word to express her need and refuse to say it in sentence. Eg when she wants to drink water, she will say water.

Though we didn’t count the word she knows, we did a count on verb she knows and found out she actually knows many at 19 mths. There are many verbs she know, she could pronounce and understand the meaning (express) and they are as follows:

1. Bite 12. Cry 23. Press 34. Take
2. Blow 13. Come 24. Pour 35. Throw
3. Bathe 14. Draw 25. Pull 36. Turn (around)
4. Brush 15. Drink 26. Pay (money) 37. Want & Don’t want
5. Catch 16. Eat 27. Play 38. Wear
6. Carry 17. Give 28. Run 39. Walk
7. Chew 18. Hop 29. Stop 40. Wave
8. Clap 19. Kiss 30.Stamp (feet)
9. Cut & Chop 20. Laugh 31. Sleep
10. Cook 21. Kick 32. Smile
11. Clean (up) 22. Open 33.  Smell

The above list can go on and on if i can recall.


She posing me a smile after i told her to do so.

She is bilingual

As both of us speak Chinese and English to her, she knows word both in English and Chinese and totally not confuse at all. In fact she does know some Cantonese too.

Do I sound like blowing my own trumpet?

Haha… which parents don’t sing our own praises for our children even they are not the best? I am very sure I am the not the only one.

Thanks for reading and letting me enjoy a moment of glory! 😛


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