Brush with Nature @ West – Labrador Park

We went to the nearest food centre we have our meal after our hiking trip at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

I wanted to try the famous Wanton Noodles but it was already closed when we were there. Disappointed though but it didn’t ruin my mood. And we really order a lot of food to eat. (Yvette only nap for a good 30 minutes. She woke up when we tried to put her into the car. And don’t why Yvette was not interested on those food we order. She didn’t eat much.)

Labrador Park

While chit-chatting, I told them there are another two Nature Park nearby and they are Bukit Batok Nature Park and Xiao Guilin. Initially wanted to go Xiao Guilin then as we discussed, our next destination came up to be a surprise. (We must be feeling very guilty over those foods we have just eaten.)

We tried to navigate our way there. Bryan went up to the express way and made our journey longer. But still we were here (we turned into Labrador Villa Road);


After we parked our car, we went to answer our nature call and wash up Yvette.

Labrador Park1

We continued our walk and were welcome by two nightingales. We were at the upper part of the park where there nothing much to see. (We have already hiked so we wanted to see the sea instead.) And it was getting late too.



We tried to find our way to jetty as we walked into the park but no luck. And since it was an unprepared trip, we didn’t applied protection against mosquito (forgotten to apply before we moved into the park) and Cheryl was bitten by mosquito. (Not 1 but 5 mosquito kisses!!!)

So we decided to leave.

While making our way out, this pair of couple still continues to search for the jetty.

VOILA! And They found the way!

But it a long way down.

IMG_6029 IMG_6030

We finally saw the sea and playground was presented to us when we were down and next thing we heard was Yvette kept uttering “Play” “Play”.



While Yvette enjoying her play in the playground, sunset was right in front of us too. After taking some pictures, we decided to leave as it was really late.



P/S: Yvette was howling when we made our way up. SIL said she might be afraid of dark in an unfamiliar environment.


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