Brush with Nature @ West – Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

It wasn’t an impromptu decision.

We were here because of my resolution 2010.

We were here because I wanted to let Yvette enjoy the nature

We were here because it has been a long long time our family and my SIL family have not get together to visit park ever since Yvette was born. (We used to go MacRitchie Reservoir and cycling regularly.)

And we were here today at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve after my niece Cheryl had made a trip there a few weeks ago.


We were all dressed up for our hiking trip but hubby was in jean. Hmmm, we urged him to change because we were afraid he might get too “hot” as we walked. But then, he insisted. I think properly he went thru NS training and the uniform he worn during his days was even thicker.

Anyway, going hiking with Yvette is not as easy either it is so difficult. 😀

First I need to search thru her closest to shortlist those clothing she can wear. Going uphill can be humid and also I am afraid hungry mosquito will attack her. Finally I decided on this set of clothing, a ¾ Cotton Capri and a T-shirt; something light yet add an “protective layer” over her Then I applied Deet-free Mosquito Protection from J&J all over Yvette’s body, leg, hand, face and even her ear. Bryan also brought Yvette Mosquito Repellent Patch from Tiger Balm. I pasted it on her clothes at her back.

We were picked up by my niece around 2 plus and we were there around 3 pm in the afternoon. The weather was just nice for a walk up the hill.

On our way in, I saw this big leaf.


And saw this sign board.



It was a breeze when we started to walk but as we went up hill, it gets steeper and steeper.


IMG_5872 IMG_5871

Yvette was comfortably sitting in the stroller but suddenly she wants to walk.




Yvette started to run

Arrr… she’s like a drunken baby walking uphill!!! So many of us were trying to ensure she didn’t have any bad fall. Sometimes she got excited and started to run. She fell, but not anything serious.

We took 30 minutes to hike up to the summit. (My niece and her boyfriend took the difficult route up.) We took another good 30 minutes rest there.

IMG_5909 IMG_5893

While resting, Yvette made Daddy, Cheryl and Bryan carried her and ran up and down the slope. At the same time, she’s enjoying the thrill and the breeze. –.-!! (This started off Daddy doing some monkey trick.) She also enjoy sitting down the grass and playing with the grass.


Daddy performancing some tricks and made Yvette laughed and laughed


On coming down, we saw this sign.


Indeed it’s harder to come down. Gravity is pulling us!!! It’s so taxing to our knee and our backside. And slowly, Yvette dozed off.


We washed up and found out there another area of the reserve we could explore but decided to give it a miss as we were all very hungry.


Lastly let me present some wildlife we saw in this reserve. (Didn’t take picture of monkey and squirrels.)





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