Toy Hunting – The Better Toy Store

I think I am a toy devotee!

I love to see Yvette playing toy. Even I myself love playing those toys with Yvette. Although I do know child learn thru little things like Lids, boxes, sand, a tub of rice or flour and food colouring, which are all bursting with learning potential through time to play alone and with an interested adult. But still, I couldn’t help to get more and more toys for Yvette. (I wonder are we both deprived from toys when we were a child?)

A child having freedom in a prepared environment will be able to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally to his or her full potential. The child uses this freedom to work with the educational materials (eg. toy) and to socialize with others.

And I constantly create a prepared (new) environment for Yvette and ensure the atmosphere must be pleasant to encourage positive growth and spontaneity. The environment must be cheerful, relaxing and warm, inviting the child to participate so she can fulfil her inner will. (Here)

IMG_5788After reading this post, I found out there is another interesting toy store (The Better Toy Store) in town and had been wanting to pay a visit and there we were here at #04-20F at Takashimaya.

If you like toy from ELC, I bet you will like their toys. And I think their toys are slightly more expensive than ELC. Most of their toys were from HABA.

After roaming the store for good 30 minutes, I realised there are so many toys I wanted to buy for Yvette. However, I have to pull a brake for now because I have added many new toys into her toy box recently. (Even my niece, Cheryl feels that Yvette has many toys.) –.-!!!


Little KaiKai's toy


Love this, think will get it soon!


Too bad Yvette is not into puzzle


When I was actively “surveying” the toys, Yvette was happily enjoying herself in this store.



Before we left, we found three kitchen sets on the display. They are so cool!



P/S: Thanks Lucas’ mama for telling me this toy store!


6 thoughts on “Toy Hunting – The Better Toy Store

  1. Hi sunflower,

    U re welcome. Was introduced this store by my brother in law, he is a German and very particular abt toy safety and quality..

    I like to buy toy for Lucas too. I also wanted to buy a tool box set which come with a workbench table. According to their staff, they will replenish the stock may be in March or April.. They even sold out their display set.

  2. The kitchen sets are so nice….too bad, I just bought the set from ikea with the accessories. Are their toys expensive? I like wood toys, more durable since Chloe is quite rough with toys.

  3. Lucus Mummy,

    The quality really good and I like it a lot too.

    I can’t understand what you trying to say here. You mentioned you want to buy a tool box set which come with a workbench table, is this workbench table really big? I didn’t see this toy in the toy store when I was there.


    Yes, the toy is good and slightly more expensive than ELC. I am sure you will like it. Make a trip there since now you having class somewhere near town over the weekend.


    No lah, the one in United Square is ELC. Yes you can find similar toy there like the simple puzzle you like.

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