Learning (Environment) And Alphabets Add On

I brought LeapFrog Phonics Radio for Yvette about 2 months ago and realised I have made a “serious” mistake on getting this toy. Experts have suggested when we start to teach alphabets, we should start teaching the small letter first. (Because most word printed on book are small letters!!!)


When I reviewed this toy I got for Yvette and I noticed the alphabets printed on this toy are all in capital letters. And instantly I know I need to get another learning toy for Yvette.

I started to search online on what to buy and when I was browsing the Singapore Motherhood forum, I found a thread running the LeapFrog Spree and I joined in immediately. I brought 3 toys from this spree and only cost me S$67.24. (IF I would buy the same toys locally, it will cost me (S$59.90 x 2 + S$16.50 = S$136.30 – Price from Takashimaya).)


And I collected them today in the afternoon during Yvette’s nap time.

LeapFrog Fridge Words magnetic word builder was chosen because after read up some suggestion from sites and this site offered me some suggestions that close to my heart on teaching alphabets, it further confirmed my intention is “right”.


Adding “letter” into our daily learning activity was my intention. I have already decided to use magnetic letters to teach ABC when I drew up my plan to home school Yvette. These two sets of magnetic letters (one already opened) were brought from Toys R Us so long ago!


(These magnets can be nicely stored in IKEA storage box.)


But I don’t like the idea to put magnetic letters on the refrigerator. It is so dangerous to go to kitchen every now and then to learn. After all, I still feel kitchen is a dangerous place for child no matter how you have child proof this comer at home. So off we went to many malls (Daiso, Giant, Ikea and Popular) to search for another magnetic board. Finally we managed to find one at Popular. (Daiso not selling, Giant too big for us, Ikea no longer carried the one we have and now selling another model.)


We set up this new learning corner for Yvette at the living hall and she loves this corner so much now.


Yvette just woke up from Nap this afternoon


Yvette back from outing

We have also re-arranged those toys in the living room to create more relaxing and inviting feel for Yvette. (Old look here.)


Kitchen set was moved from another side


Easel moved out of the Corner to the end. Table moved in.


Brought a clock and added our family pictures. (We laminated the pictures and decided not to use frame.)


4 thoughts on “Learning (Environment) And Alphabets Add On

    • Some tips for you when you want to set up a corner for Bernice.

      1. Choose many colour. Good for their eye.

      2. Make sure the corner of this learning space is not lack of lighting.

      3. I perfers to have a space for them to draw. Maybe you can consider.

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