I cut Yvette’s Hair for the Third Times

No Struggle,

No Tear,

No Crying!

Plenty of fun in the toilet playing with her favourite cousin Cheryl with the new toy I brought today.


Initially we wanted to keep her hair long. But Yvette doesn’t like anything on her head since she was a baby. So her hair is always in the mess most of the times.  And I been trying to tied up her hair recently but all pulled down by her when I am done with the hair.

Anyway, I cut her hair for the third times and I cut really short this round. 🙂


Picture taken in the morning - Yvette just woke up with her messy long hair.


Yvette new hair style with her classic mouth "action" for this month.

4 thoughts on “I cut Yvette’s Hair for the Third Times

  1. I think we got similar taste cos I see we got same stuffs for our kids. Like the watering can & pyjamas, Chloe loves to play with watering can while bathing too, just that she prefers another one.

  2. Lazymummy,

    Yes I think both of us has the same taste. Some of the stuffs you blog about it, I also have it. But well, your daughter has nice hair and you always dress her so well.


    Thanks! Next time I wan to cut again must ask you to entertain Yvette.

    Cool cut we have there for Yvette.

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