5-in-1 18 mths booster

This injection is deadly. We never see Yvette look so sick before.

The first day after the injection was horrible. She can’t eat much, not active and not even flash us her smile. Let alone eating. She’s on breast milk most of the time, her comfort food.

Her temperature fluctuated. It goes up and down like roller coaster. The highest reading that appeared on my thermometer was 39.8 degree. The lowest went back to normal. Today is the fourth day and the fever finally gone.

We find the Paracetamol B P given by the Polyclinic is not effective at all. We want to bring Yvette to the clinic but clinic only open at 1 pm. (We were outside the clinic at 12.45 noon and Yvette’s fever already gone after I fed her 2.8 ml of Bifen*.) So we decided to head home since Yvette shown sign of tiredness. I fed her another 2.2ml of Paracetamol given by the clinic before her nap.

Its more than 12 hour since her last medication of Bifen & and the fever never come back.

This is Yvette on the second day of fever. She still manage to pose for me and give me a sweet smile!

*Bifen work together with Paracetamol. Every 3 hourly, 2.8ml of Bifen and then follow by 2.2ml of Paracetamol after another 3 hour. This usually is given to child when the fever goes very high. I find Bifen really useful. If your child have high fever, perhaps you may want your PD or GP to prescribe this medication.

Always check with doctor!


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