Resolution 2010

Yes… finally move into 2010.

I don’t make resolution every year. I decide to have a few for this new decade.

  1. To be a better mum to Yvette. I hope I can be her BFF (best friends forever).
  2. To be a better wife. Sometimes I am guilty after making a fuss when my hubby is not in at fault at all. I am even guiltier when I read this.
  3. Make time for couple time without Yvette. Hmmm, that provides there is someone can babysit Yvette.
  4. To write better and have less back-dated post in my blog.
  5. To do a diploma that I wanted to do for long.
  6. To find a freelance job not for income but more of practicing accounting.
  7. To exercise! To sleep more and take care of myself. I don’t want to age so fast.

I guess it about all!

Cheer to 2010!


One thought on “Resolution 2010

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