Sum up 2009

I have done so much yet so little when I look back. I realized there a lot of things need to be done and yet I have so little time for it. But well, I am counting my blessing day by day with my little bundle of joy. She has given me so much joy and tears in 2009. I love her company day by day especially she starts to talk. So noisy but yet so interesting. She made word out of word. “Ba-Ben-Ni” is umbrella, Ba-Ben is bread, Dan-Dan-Ni is hand sanitizer… these list can go on and on…

Yvette just had a vaccination (5 in 1 – 18 mths booster) in the morning and currently running a fever due to the immunization. She is 80 cm in height, 9.6 kg and 45 cm for her head circumference. Her feet is still at 12 cm. She is 19.5 mths as per end of year 2009 and her next birthday is 5.5 mths away. But I am not as enthusiastic. Honestly, I don’t look forward. She has grown too fast.

Hubby had gotten himself another diploma and passed his basic theory this year. He also had a promotion this year. It’s seemed to be a good year for him.

As for myself; the greatest achievement I have beside Yvette, is to keep this blog alive. Although this blog is coming to 2 years old, it only gets active in Apr 09. Since then I promise to myself I will try my very best to pen down every single memorable moment with Yvette to preserve memory.

My blog stat went up month after month (and I hope it will continue to grow) although I have only one reader. Nah, I am sure that one reader under the “Get update” category can’t be clicking my blog every hour.

I don’t write to inspire. I write to share. I love to hear from you if you want to share with me too.

I am happy receiving email from a reader updating me what she plan to do for her child and receive picture of her child too. (Baby F is really cute.)

I am happy receiving recommendation from your blog and happy to learn that you are still reading my journey, my struggle and my joy.

I am sad when people just cut off the link without spare a though for one. (I really do hope to be friend.) But well, perhaps my direct speech had offended them.

In coming 2010, a new decade, I hope more reader will come forward to share your life with me, if there is any reader reading my blog out there!

Goodbye 2009!


6 thoughts on “Sum up 2009

  1. no la .. my son aso flippin the books .. juz tht he is soo customed to see the pics that he knws the actions and hand gestures …

  2. Hihi,

    I don’t know how I stumbled on your blog, click here click there and found myself always coming back cause I love reading your posts which I find very real, very honest. Keep it up!!

    My son is a few months younger than Yvette. Feel free to visit my blog too 🙂

  3. Cons,

    Thanks for your very first comment and your compliment.


    Yes, when I blog, I try to be very honest with my word and be really real if not I will find my entry not interesting at all.

    Let me pop by your blog now. 😀

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