Recap A Little Bit More About Us & Our Batam Trip 2009

The Preparation

I didn’t do much preparation for this trip, I even forgotten about getting travel insurance this round. Perhaps I have taken granted that Batam is just 45mins away from Singapore.

I brought along all the other essential care items I recorded in Recap A Little Bit More About Us & Our Hong Kong Trip 2009 except umbrella and raincoat. And I find Hand sanitizer really handy in Batam. I used that to clean Yvette’s hand after she came so close to the wild life, monkey. Wipe is as important as well. The most important item that we brought along is nothing but water. We use our mineral to wash hand and Yvette’s private area when we found some water came out from the tap is dirty.

All About Yvette

Travelling with relatives that close to Yvette really lessen our load. Yvette was constantly looking out for her Jie Jie rather than us. 😀 (Thanks Cheryl & Capri)

I brought along the stroller for her nap time and was really surprise she wanted to be on the stroller most of the time. The bad thing was; she didn’t want to be belted. Arrr.. this girl!


Another good news was; she was with her cousin, Cheryl without me for 45 mins.

A Little Bit More About Our Encounter in Batam

If you find shopping in Malaysia is cheap, I think it is cheaper in Batam. I told hubby we can have occasional trip here to shop for our grocery. But the downside is, all their signs were written in Malay.


We experience black-out in our Hotel. Now there will be another additional item for us to bring. Touch Light will be one of the new item to add into our travel essential.

On a whole, I do enjoy this trip as much as in Hong Kong. I think most importantly, no matter where we are, as long as we are with our love ones, the joy will be all around.


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