Our Travel Tales: 2D1N @ Batam – Day 2

(This is a back-dated post)

My niece Capri came over to wake us up before our alarm clock rang. We washed up and ready for breakfast.

The food we had for breakfast in the café at level one and the food was pretty standard. But still, we like the counter where we could order our omelette and our sunny-side-up. In the past, Yvette does only eat egg when it is only a fried egg or a hard-boiled egg. But now she doesn’t mind fried egg. Perhaps learning the word 蛋, help?





After breakfast, we brought her to the pool for water play. I found out that Yvette was able to go down all by herself confidently and climb up the water with my minimum help.




After staying an hour there, we went back to our room to wait for my niece Cheryl who was away for the massage. And my dear Yvette was happily playing with the umbrella stroller all by herself. Think she must be missing her toy back at home.

Batam 2009 Day 2

The transfer picked up at 11.30 am Batam and sent us to Batam Centre (Jetty) where there is a mega mall situated opposite the jetty. We got our boarding pass from the guide and moved toward the mall and deposited our luggage before we start our shopping spree again.

This round my niece, Cheryl warned me not to go supermarket again. 😦

Well, since I wanted to buy some home wear clothing for Yvette as she had out grown some of the clothing. It’s a good time to shop since Yvette was sleeping now.



I managed to get some 3 sets of top and bottom and 3 dresses for only Rp 145,000 (SGD22) only. That is dirty cheap. We also brought a new cutlery set for Yvette. 

For collages4

Batam 2009 Day 21


Initially we wanted to let Yvette to have some fun at the indoor playground for only Rp 15,000 (unlimited play), and then we realized it’s time for lunch. We had A&W for lunch. And honestly, the portion was small for the price we paid.


After our meal at A&W, it’s about time to board the ferry and head home. We went to collect our luggage and took the 45 mins ferry trip back to Singapore.

P/S: We left our cake on the cab and the taxi driver did return our cake to us 2 days later.


6 thoughts on “Our Travel Tales: 2D1N @ Batam – Day 2

    • You also want 2D1N? Actually go there one day can liao. The places we went like the temple might not be interesting to kid. At least I can see from Yvette, she only roaming around when we were in some places.

  1. Stella,

    Then you just need to buy ticket to Batam Centre (Jetty). The indoor playground is just right inside the mall opposite the Jetty.

    Actually next time we can go there and shop.

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