Our Travel Tales: 2D1N @ Batam – Day 1 Part 2

(This is a back-dated post)

The guided tour ended at 2 pm in the afternoon where we were sent to one of the local shopping mall – Batam City Square for Free & Easy.


I think we spent most of our money there. We shopped in the supermarket and we spent SGD 30 for two big packets of stuffs. Beside foods, snack, the money was spent on buying Yvette’s toiletries too. Something caught my attention in the supermarket. The oil is packed in a package form.


This only cost 30 cents SGD


We moved on in the shopping mall and I found this shop that make “handmade wooden sign craft” (I really don’t how to name this item). I made one for Yvette and will hang this outside her room at home. We spent S$15 for this plate.



The pick-up time is 4.45 pm Batam time. We had a quickly brunch at the KFC. Hubby brought one set of meal and it was shared by 6 of us. @_@

I wasn’t very happy with the tour guide’s decision on sending those people off to the Jetty and made us waited for 20 to 25 mins when we were supposed to check in. Yvette was feeling tired as she only napped for 2 hour for the time she lost in the morning and she didn’t sleep at all in the afternoon. We have put in our best effort to entertain Yvette so that she won’t dozed off at the wrong timing. (If she sleeps now, she won’t be able to sleep at night.)

Our effort was paid off.

When we reached hotel, it was close to 7 pm Batam time (which mean, it was close to 8 pm Singapore time.)


This is the problem when we are travelling on guided tour.

Again we were shock to find out the room they given to us was wrong. Instead of giving us a shared bed, we have two single beds again. What we did this round was to join the bed together ourselves.

I quickly bathed Yvette, changed her and made our way for our dinner. We have chicken chop and I ordered rice for Yvette guessing that she might not like the food.




After dinner we headed back to my SIL’s room for R&R. (SIL was staying next to our room.)

The 90mins of traditional massage was the last agenda of our day. Me and my niece Capri went to off first after saying bye bye to Yvette. The papa and my SIL sneaked out the room. Yvette didn’t cry when we were off.

I would say my niece, Ting aka Cheryl did a good job in baby-sitting Yvette. Yvette only started to cry 45 mins later. As she was howling, my niece carried her to me where I was doing my massage. (The Spa was located in the hotel.) She stopped crying immediately after she saw me. The she wanted to be nursed.

Something out of the norm happened toward the end of our massaging session. The whole hotel actually black-out!


This was the first time I encounter this situation. Luckily, my niece’s phone was able to flash out the flash light. If not we will be walking in the dark when we walked out the Spa.

The light came back after 10 mins. We went back to our room.

I realised whenever we were not heading home during Yvette’s bed time, she was exceptionally energetic. There wasn’t any sign of tiredness at all. With no other choice, I have to move back to our room to pat Yvette to her dreamland. I only managed to get her to sleep at 12 am Singapore Time.


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