Our Travel Tales: 2D1N @ Batam – Day 1 Part 1

(This is a back-dated post)

This is a last minute trip as we are still in holiday mood. My SIL’s family was just back from Melbourne about one week ago and we were just back from Hong Kong a month back.

My niece suggested going Batam for 2D1N as she has two day off in lieu in a row. We booked our tour with MaxPac Travel for S$148 per pax and S$55 for Yvette. I won’t say this is a very good deal but package do include the following:

  1. 2 way return ferry ticket (Harbourfront-Batam-Harbourfront)
  2. Land transfers (Jetty-Hotel-Jetty)
  3. 1 N accommodation at Golden View Hotel with breakfast
  4. Welcome Drink (This is nothing)
  5. 1 Seafood Lunch at Golden Prawn 933 Seafood Restaurant
  6. 1 Free Set Dinner Rajawali
  7. Breakfast on Day 2 morning
  8. Batam City Tour on Day 1
  9. 90 minutes of Traditional Massage or 10 mins Go-Kart Ride
  10. Land Transfer by air conditional bus
  11. Service of 1 Local Guide with S$2 tips to be paid at end of the tour
  12. PDF & Batam Terminal Fee S$27.00 per head


Our day started early in the morning. We woke up at 7 am to wait for my niece’s boyfriend to fetch us to Harbour Front Jetty. We met at 7.45am at our void deck. Luckily due to holiday season in Singapore, the traffic to Harbour Front was really smooth.


I think she still want to sleep


We had breakfast at Macdonald before we boarded the ferry at 9.20 am and reached Batam Sekupang International Ferry Terminal at 9.20 am too (Batam is an hour behind Singapore.)


Enjoying the sea breeze with Papa


Our first stop was to visit one of the largest Buddhist temples in SEA, Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya is also known as the Laughing Buddha Temple. Apparently the interest of visiting the temple was not strong. We only roamed around and took some pictures.


Before we hop on to the bus again, we found this tree that look like Christmas Tree to me. Yvette likes the leaves of the tree and even plucked the leaves and smelled it.


IMG_5118 IMG_5125

Then we moved on to Polo Shop, we had brought nothing but I found one bag I like. I didn’t buy because the material of the bag is not excellent. (Not waterproof and it will get dirty easily.)


The guide brought us to the GTS Local Product Shop before we have our lunch. In this shop we can buy their local snacks, keropok. Yvette dozed off while we shopped.


Don't really like this umbrella stroller. Yvette didn't seem to be as comfort.


Then we proceeded to our lunch at the restaurant – Golden Prawn 933 Live Seafood Restaurant that was built on wood and bamboo next to the shop.

Batam 2009 Day 1


Love this picture. (This picture was taken by my niece Capri using FujiFilm camera)


Since Yvette was sleeping, I brought a packet of fried rice for her for only SGD 2. She woke up after we was about to finish our lunch. We walked over to Cultural Village. The local kampong villager preformed Kuda Lumping Dance and talent like peeling the coconut using their teeth and even eat glass. I didn’t watch the show as I was busying feeding Yvette at the wooden table and stool under the tree.



Our next stop was to visit Taman Mini Indonesia where we could see different type of houses found within 33 provinces of Indonesia.

Batam 2009 Day 11

One of the highlight of our trip was to let Yvette has a close encounter with the monkey. We moved to Edventure Teambuilding Park for Go Kart and there was a monkey performing there too. Perhaps Yvette was too young to understand the monkey might attack her. She was so close to the monkey to the extent our hearts were racing. And the monkey kept coming back to Yvette. I think the owner knew we don’t mind to keep donating money to the monkey. (We passed money to Yvette to put in the “performance pail” when the monkey came by.)


The monkey didn't look friendy to me

DSCF0820 DSCF0821

After spending most of our time moving up and down the bus, we were too tired to get down to Bengkong dried foodstuff market and Vihara Buddhi Bakti Temple also known as Tua Pek Kong Bio among locals.


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