Yvette’s Regular Play Date Partners – Velda & Zac


The kids had fun today.

This is not the first time we meet up for play date. We have made the effort for it. We have one in Oct and one in Nov.

It was initially agreed to have a 3D2N camp at my place. But Stella (Velda & Zac mum) cancelled it due to hectic schedule. (Her maid went back to home town for holiday.)

Many SAHM lost in touch with their friends due to having different lifestyle and lack of time for “friendship” after everyone set up a family of own. I am someone who can’t leave without a friend. Friendship to me does not come after family. They are equally important. So, I urge every SAHM to build friendship with you even you have a blissful marriage.

Ok! Back to kids.

We went to NTUC to buy some grocery upon they arrived. Then they had fun in playground. Not one but 3 playgrounds. Velda had a fall in the first playground where both of us (hubby and I) find this playground is not suitable in the neighbourhood. (Every time we walk past it we can’t help and point out how dangerous this playground is to each other. I couldn’t find a picture for it now. Will take on picture of the playground and update later.)




Then, the kids had fun at home too. Perhaps Velda is older enough to lead Yvette to play. And the three kids really play together around the kitchen set. One good habit about Yvette I noticed, she hardly snatch other kids toy when she play.


In the late afternoon, Yvette & Zac dozed off. I brought Velda to buy ingredients for the cookies and letting Stella looking after the babies.

Stella was assigned to bake cookies while I have to cook dinner for everyone. We let Yvette putting those chocolate chips and the rainbow chips on the cookies. (I am still thinking when should I start baking with Yvette alone.)



The kids’ Daddy joined us for dinner too. I am sure everyone had a wonderful time today although our cookies didn’t turn out appealing but the cookies really taste Nice! 😀 😀 😀


P/S: Check out Stella’s blog for the play date too.


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