Yvette Learning & Having Fun – Lesson 3 (Dec 14 to Dec 27)

For collages3

Too many activities too little time for learning in these two weeks. But since these lessons are prepared before hand and those toys are brought long ago, so I still manage to squeeze out time to execute it.

Another reason the lesson was extended for another week mainly due to I wanted to cover the topic “Christmas” with Yvette. Even though we are non Christian, I will like to teach Yvette more about the purpose of celebrating Christmas by reading some books relating to Christmas. Lift-the-Flap Christmas Stories is a good book which I borrowed. Unfortunately due to time constraint, I didn’t have time to read this book to Yvette.

There will be no learning activity for coming weeks. We will be heading Batam for 2 Days (still in holiday mood) and Yvette will be having injection on 31 Dec. Fever is expected. I might stop doing home school with Yvette for a few weeks because her lesson with JGC will commence one week time. With 3 days in JGC, 1 day learning swimming, I am left with Wed. I need time to adjust and re-design some of the program of what I want to teach so that I will not be duplicating her learning in JGC and also could spare time helping her in revising the “subjects” she learn in school too.

I also realise I am running out of idea on what to teach Yvette too. I hope to take a break to read up more on early childhood to enrich my knowledge in this area.

If you will like to find out what we did for the past week in details, click to continue.

Lesson plan set out using the following sites:


These are all my ideas!

Letter C - Edited

We read a few books for the past two weeks. I was pretty surprise Yvette show liking for The Very Hungry Caterpillar. She didn’t like me to read Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat to her but like to flip the book herself. I think she really like cat but lack of patient for me to finish 24 pages of reading to her.

She loves the book, Where Is Baby’s Christmas Present by Karen Katz. I know about this author after reading review from this blog. I brought the book from Kinokuniya. Yvette didn’t really like this book –  Counting Kisses but she loves the flap book I borrowed from NLB very much.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Waking Up?

Where Is Baby’s Christmas Present?


Letter C1 - edited

We continue to work on A Word A Day.

I made the letter card C using Cotton wool and passed to Yvette at the beginning of the lesson. This round, she refused to touch them. I remember Yvette used to like playing with cotton when she was 8 mths but now she totally dislikes the texture at all.


Our Corn and PoP-Corn Project was encouraging. After letting Yvette have a feel of corn and pop-corn seeds, we did corn stamping with green paint. The participation effort from Yvette on the art work was minimum. She was more interested in playing the paint and the sponge. I don’t even have any picture she was stamping the corn onto the paper. She learned the colour, how to mix water with paint and how to hold the corn to stamp over the sponge to get the paint from this craft.

Letter C2

But when come to cooking the pop-corn, her attention span was 100%. After pouring some oil into the saucepan and before the pan was heated up, I let her pour in the seed. She waited patiently for the “transformation of the seed to the pop-corn” to happen. She was so excited when she witnessed the whole cooking process. A simple science concept from this activity – Transformation.


We never eat the pop-corn. Most of them were burn. I let her play with it and gave her two bowl for her to pour. Her pouring skill was good. Very few pop-corn was left on the table.

Colouring (an activity good for pre-writing) was another simple task we did when I taught Yvette the word Crayon thru colouring a Caterpillar. Again her interest in colouring was not there.


She only interested in playing the crayon


My effort

I make learning card for words like Comb, Cat, Car, Christmas Tree, Christmas Log-Cake, Cookies (learning toy – see below), Cow (Yvette had learnt this animal via books I read to her and she know cow mooooooo) & Carrot.

IMG_5405 The Songs and Rhymes for the week is “Cobbler Cobbler mend my Shoe”.

Other words to consider will be Candy, Camel, Camera, Cheese, Circle, Clock, Coconut, Candle, etc…

Letter C3 -edited

Not much time was spent in the playground to exercise her small muscles. So legs were used for shopping most of the time and her hands were used for carrying basket for me when we shopped. Nah, kidding! Yes we were out most of the time, mainly doing shopping and Yvette enjoys the outing as much as I do. And the weather was not very good for the past two weeks, so our playground trip became minimum.

We wanted to make a trip to Bishan Park but ended up having a taste of Wii.

After making many trips to playground; Now, whenever Yvette walks past a playground, she will utter “play” “play” “play”.

IMG_4332 IMG_5007


My fav. pic

Some children don’t mind to get themselves dirty and Yvette is among them. Even we never make any trip to park, Yvette constantly like to feel & touch the grass and floor without minding getting herself dirty.

IMG_4611 IMG_4640

IMG_4612 IMG_4641

Letter C5 - Edited

We’ve been reading books about number but usually is one of the “night activity” before Yvette sleeps. And this is the one – One, Two Cockatoo we read for the past two weeks.

Letter C4

I brought this Counting Cookies toys from Learning Resources and it has become Yvette’s favourite toy for the past two weeks. I hardly see her holding a particular toy for so long. She usually treats the cookies as part of her cooking ingredients and plays that together with her cooking set. She’s into “Pretend Play” now. It’s so interesting to see her imagination run wild with this toy.

Letter C7

And I am happy found out that 2 days after she turned 19 mths, she could recite 1,2,3 both in English and Mandarin after me. And day by day she is improving. For example, for English, I say 1, she will follow by 2, then I say 3, then she say 4. This goes on and on till we count till 10.

Here is video clip. She was trying to set her finger to 1 when she started to count 1.

Reading counting books pay off? Well, at least she is learning. 😀

Letter C8 - Edited

I brought this Chopping Toy for her for fine motor skill and revising the chant with her. In fact, even without doing this, she is quite good with this chant. Out of sudden, she always goes, “chop” “chop” and I will complete this chant for her. When I first passed the toy to her, she didn’t really like it. After her favourite cousin, Cheryl encourages her, she love this toy so much now. I like the way she is holding the food and the way she chop them. She really mastered this skill well.

IMG_5406 IMG_1864

Letter C6

IMG_4397I passed her this bubble pack to sharpen her pincer grip development. She chuckled when ever she heard the “pop” “pop” sound after we burst the bubbles.

IMG_4554She finally stacked up the block with me. But she still knocked them down eventually.

IMG_4616Daddy taught her using the “right size” of the wooden blocks to fill up the box.

Letter C9Out of sudden, she pulled out some of the wooden toy during her free play. But she is still not into the 2 pieces puzzle yet.

IMG_4624She did so well in plucking the vegetable for me. This was the first time she was doing it and all by herself. (In the past, she only sees.)

IMG_4633Drawing is another activity she likes to do with her Papa. She will utter “draw” “draw” then Papa will start to “draw” with her. I am surprise she knows who to look for when come to this activity. How come she could differentiate who can draw better? (I draw with her too, but she doesn’t like my drawing.)

IMG_4718She loves playing with name card now. She loves pulling them out and insert back and finally she will run away with a number of name cards on the floor. Create plenty of work for me to do.


Learning is not about how far a child has achieved, it is the process of doing it. Recording down the above activities is sooooooo tedious but it gives me an overview on the learning development of Yvette in term of socially, emotionally, physically and mentally. And also keep a track record on how much I have helped her to learn. This does not send a message how good my child is. Every child learns differently. I really salute those mommies who have taken extra miles to home school their child when we can find abundant schools out there. After doing 4 weeks with Yvette, I feel Home Schooling is a long and tiring journey!

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