Yvette’s First Wedding Event – The Morning

The night before; we had a mini celebration for Christmas with our niece and her boyfriend at our house. Papa brought a log cake and we let Yvette experience cutting a cake again. (I doubt she can remember anything happened on her First Birthday.)


As a result, we didn’t rest well and we were up at 4.30 am. We need to be there for “combing hair ceremony” at 5.30 am. Yvette slept at 12 midnight and we only managed to catch two hours after finished packing a luggage of clothing.


It’s too rush to go back home to change even thought the Meritus Mandarin is near our house. Too many things need to be done as I held a multiple roles for this event. Since we had already booked a room with Meritus Mandarin, must as well check in since we were allowed to check it at 2 pm.

Upon arrived at my mum’s place Yvette was really fully alert from her slumberland. She didn’t fuss much although she was still very tired. I helped my brother to dress up and comb his hair. The reason I was the one to do so mainly due to my brother regard me as the “luckiest person” in our family. (Take this with a pinch of salt. ok)

Anyway, he left house to fetch his wife around 6.30 am.

We didn’t follow a lot of those traditional customs. After he left, mum prepared for prayer and cooked the dumpling.

While mum was busying preparing the stuffs, I fed Yvette with some cake. But perhaps due of rest, she got no appetite at all. So I bathed and changed her. (She was wearing her pyjamas.) After bathing her, she got so comfortable and requested for milk. She actually dozed off! She must be tired!!!

While she was sleeping, my brother came with his lovely bride!


Time for Tea Ceremony and Praying Ritual.

Finally the photo-taking time.


My sister in law and her sister


My sister in law and mum

It was really very noisy but the amount of noise pollution can’t wake up Yvette.

Anyway, it’s really a piece of good news that Yvette was sleeping. I am the “Mei Po” as well. I need to leave with my brother to Link Hotel at Tiong Bahru for another Tea Ceremony. And I can leave without much worry.

Lady Luck was not totally at my side; Yvette was up while I was 10 minutes drive away from home. Hubby texted me she was howling and searching high and low for me.

She didn’t want me to carry when she saw me. I guess “she was too sad that I have left without her.”


But it didn’t take her too long of “not wanting” me. There she was happily playing with the mini massager  with me on my sister’s bed.



4 thoughts on “Yvette’s First Wedding Event – The Morning

  1. Hah – I don’t think I would’ve agreed to do anything if it was me. The possibilities of things going wrong on the side of the baby too great – the screaming and bad mood, i mean. haha.

  2. thats what i mean. I wouldn’t hv dared to say i’d take on any role at the wedding bc my little one quite unpredictable. Would b difficult to take on a full dsys’ schedule especially. so i won’t dare promise lor. thats y i say you’re brave. haha

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