Fence Crisis


Yes, what you see in the picture happened today!

Yvette head stuck in between the pole of the fence. And this was really a mischievous act of her own accord.

Usually we will walk to Lor 1 market via a stretch of road along Lor 3. And Yvette will sometimes walk with us too. Today we really didn’t know how she “managed to insert her head in”. Usually she will walk and stop down to admire the surrounding and we will hold our step to wait for her.

Within a minute, while we were talking to each other, we heard her shouting, ahhh ahhh ahhh!!!

Oh dear!!!

Her head was stuck  while she was admiring the running water in the drain!!!

Can you imagine how panic I was???

I quickly try to pull her out but papa stopped me as the strength I have applied hurt Yvette and Yvette started to weep too.

Papa took a minute to figure out how her head could go in. Papa used his hand and fold Yvette’s ear in. His hand was wide enough to hold on to her ears and he moved his another hand to her head  and slowly adjust her head from the fence!!!

Oh my god.

It was a shock to her too. She hugged me once she was “released”. I carried and continue to walk,  but she wanted to escape from my arm again.

*The running water sound really caught her attention*


She moved toward the fence again as though the incident had never happened before.


Girl ah… why you so naughty!!!!


Here are the pictures of the fence. Can you spot the difference?


We walked further down and we spotted this.


As a parent, we really have to be watchful over our child 24/7 daily!


4 thoughts on “Fence Crisis

  1. omg.. its sooo scary!!! im glad that she is alright now.. must really scold/beat her to tell her not to do that again!

    Anyway, just glad that she managed to be free..

  2. MieVee,

    Yes, such a dangerous encounter. As she grow, she getting more aware of the surrounding but she isn’t afraid at all. In fact, she getting braver each day.

    I never see fence can be dangerous to our children till Yvette tuck her head in!!!


    We only scold her but never beat her. We were too shocked even to scold her.

    And She is very very notti now. So notti till every day with her can be a battle.

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