My Brother Is Getting Married on This Coming Christmas Day


After making trip to KL and the dust finally settled.

My brother is finally going to get married in this Christmas.

I spent my childhood with my brother most of the time. My sister was brought home by our parents and both of us stay in my grandparent place. We always secretly ran out the house to play with our neighbour and ended up ourselves with a “cane feast”. But still, we weren’t afraid.

The toughest time we had when my dad chased my brother out of the house and ended with a “slightly not too bad misfortune” when my brother finally allowed coming home… We fought but we always manage to reconcile in the end.

Though my brother is not my reader; I will like to wish him well.


Marriage is a long journey and is a beginning of your next chapter of your life. Always remember, there are two important elements to make a marriage last, and there are Listen & Communicate!

Love you always

Your Beloved Jie


3 thoughts on “My Brother Is Getting Married on This Coming Christmas Day

  1. Jessy,

    There is no video in this entry. Are you refering to this entry –

    If yes, the software I use was from Canon itself. I have to use the software from Canon because the video format produced by our camera can only be edited use their software. (I have no idea how to set the format of the video so that I can use other software to edit my video.)

    Anyway, if you do not have photoshop, you can use Window Live Movie Maker to edit your video and it is free if you computer is running window.

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