A Taste Of WII

After staying 3 days at home, and Yvette was still recovering from her cough and flu, we decided to make a trip to Bishan park for some activities. Unfortunately it started to rain in the morning and continues to rain in the afternoon too. So we went to my SIL house.


My niece boyfriend came and brought us an entertainment.

We finally played Wii for the first time. And the experience was tiring and exciting. (And A bit hard to play too.)

We have been discussing when to introduce this garget to Yvette. Computer Time will be in the pipeline too but I am really hesitant to do so.

I almost never turn on the computer when Yvette is fully awake. She likes to slam the computer key when she was near to computer. So educating her using the computer will be a big task for me to do.

As for Wii, we have been thinking to buy since long long ago when I am a gamer! I played this kiddy game, Maplestory for near to 3 years and eventually I stopped playing it when I am expecting with Yvette. It’s really addictive. At time, I can’t stop myself playing it too.

Wii is a good garget for indoor activity especially to exercise. Even our government is promoting gaming as well. So now I have to sit and start to think how to manage and set a limit for Yvette when we learn and play.


2 thoughts on “A Taste Of WII

  1. Gaming can be addictive indeed! I still remember my first Nintendo set at 8 years old and going to neighbours’ homes to play SEGA games. Somehow outgrew it during my teens.

    I would introduce TV and PC time when baby is much older; paranoid of myopia and potential addiction.

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