Is It A Curse Or Merely Coincidence

It’s a little hard for me to accept. It has brought back the fear I have exactly a year back. There weren’t a sign or any warning. It’s just strike! I have a good record for Yvette’s first year but my KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for her second year is gearing toward an unacceptable range.

Yvette was sick again, not for the first time, second time, this was the fourth time she was sick. I am sad and hate to see her falling sick again. She was down with flu and running nose.


Perhaps I was being carried away by the good record I had for the first year. (She was sick only once and purely due to our ignorance; my father had to be admitted, we had had brought her to hospital because unable to contact my brother and sister.)

Perhaps the homework I have done for the essential care for Yvette in her second year was insufficient.

Perhaps I have over explored her to the outside world.

Perhaps, Perhaps.

But still I take every of her sickness with pride and every time I learnt new thing (on toddler care and medicine) out of the entitle episode.

I will allow her to be in her diaper.

I will be less strict to her.

I will try to make my cooking more interesting.

IMG_4440 - Edited

This round, I have learnt that when we feed our child medicine, keep the cough syrup at the end. Feed the cough syrup last and don’t give any more water. This is to keep the syrup at the throat for effective healing. Make sense?

P/S: Someone in the market taught me.


3 thoughts on “Is It A Curse Or Merely Coincidence

  1. yupz tht wht my mil taught me too … so tht the medz will ooze down the throat …

    fallin sick is part n parcel of their toddler life .. dun be so hard on urself .. i knw tht feeling too .. we all are doing our very best for our previous aint we all

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