PaPa’s Love

The bonding between Yvette and Hubby got stronger after our Hong Kong Trip. Since then, Yvette start to cling to Hubby more often and even allow him to carry her away home more often to buy stuffs without me. Hubby is current on long leave till next year and this is the scene I will see every morning when I wake up.

IMG_4356 - Edited

Or received the naked Yvette from my slumber.

Thanks Hubby.

I am glad Hubby makes an effort to take care of Yvette when he is on leave at home. I am happy to see all this happen too. Actually hubby had been making effort. But hubby do have hectic working hour and sometimes he is required to work over the weekend too.

In this 21 century, the man at home is no longer only bringing the bacon back home. Their role of being a husband and father is much more demanding now. Besides being a “role model” for the child, they have to learn to clean, feed and play with the child. And yet still, some man is still not doing it. (I have read from forum and even some blogs; entries shared by mostly women or even men themselves over the role of “Being the man at home”.)

So our government got to run this Campaign, DADs for Life to encourage “more men” to bond with their child. The official website, will only be launching on Feb 2010.


My hubby received this package of parcel when he was walking back to office month ago. And I found the content in this parcel interesting. It consists of the following items:

Wristband – To be worn every day or on any special day (e.g. Dads for Life events, Family/Father-related events, Fathers’ Day, Children’s Day).

“White” symbolizes the transfer of right values from a father to his child(ren).

“Red” symbolizes life that anchors the father-child relationship.

Custom Pin – To be worn every day or on any special day (e.g. Dads for Life events, Family/Father-related events, Fathers’ Day, Children’s Day).

Photocard – To insert a family photo and display it at home or at work.

Stickers – To be used in planners or on calendars to mark important family engagements. Stickers may be given to children)/spouse, where appropriate.

Toolkit – To provide useful tips for fathers.

I find the Toolkit really useful.

It spells out exactly task a father should do with their child and what is exactly expected of their role in this modern society. 4 main pointers highlighted by this movement are:

Did You Know?

  • Children perform better in school and feel more confident when their fathers take an interest in their lives.
  • Children learn from watching their fathers make decisions.
  • Children have fewer behavioural problems and a lower risk of delinquency when their fathers are actively involved in their lives.
  • All future romantic relationships in a girl’s life will be influenced positively or negatively by the way she perceives and interacts with her dad.
  • Boys are protected from extreme victimization when their fathers are actively engaged with them.
  • Fathers are more involved when they enjoy a good marriage and when their wives support their effort.

Be part of the movement

  • Show your commitment by wearing the Dads for Life pin and wristband.
  • Take a photo with your family and display it at work or at home.
  • Participate in Fathers@School* or other father-child bonding activities.
  • Upgrade your parenting skills by taking advantage of family resources and attending workshops.
  • Mobilise friends who are not fathers to do likewise.
  • Visit to learn more about the movement.

Father’s Five

1. Be there, Be present.

      There will always be competing demands on our time. Children should be our priority. The will know that they matter by the efforts we make to be in their lives.

2. Embrace their uniqueness.

Each child differs in personality, gifts and talents. The more we affirm our children, the more they will believe in themselves, and the greater they’ll be!

3. Set boundaries.

Our children need rules to help them learn to be respectful and responsible. Setting limits helps them stay out of trouble and become better adults.

4. Love yourself. Love others.

It’s difficult to love our children without first loving ourselves. Take time to exercise, relax and reflect.

5. Be their role model.

Children model the way we live our lives. Positive relationships with our spouses pave the way our children relate to others.

10 Great Ways to Bond

  1. Go hiking around a nature reserve.
  2. Share a childhood memory with your child.
  3. Ask your child to suggest activities to do with you, and do at least one.
  4. Surprise your child by turning up at school and going for a meal together.
  5. Spend an afternoon reading together at the library.
  6. Write a love not to your child.
  7. Attend a free concert at the Esplanade.
  8. Plan a short holiday with your family.
  9. Go to the bank together and open an account for your child to teach the value of saving.
  10. Have dinner together regularly and use the time for meaningful conversation.

Well, I would say there are really many many things you father can do with your child and these are some activities Yvette enjoys doing with my hubby now.


Encourage Yvette to pat the dog. Yvette did pat the dog eventually


Bubbles Bubbles Time


Teaching Yvette life skill


Open letter box together


Draw together. Hubby said must draw with feeling.


Admiring waterfall together


Reading to Yvette



3 thoughts on “PaPa’s Love

  1. Ah, my husb is fine with the kids and housework. Before we had a maid, his job was the whole house’s laundry and the dishes. I don’t do those. But well, somehow our no.3 & no.4 just prefer me. No.4 even more so – *sigh*.

  2. Sam,

    Yvette is too attached to me sometimes, I try to learn how to outsource to my hubby. Maybe you can try to bride baby!

    Mummy to Baby V,

    Yes, share with your hubby and hope he will do more bonding so that to relieve you from taking care of Baby V.

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