Yvette’s First Trip to West Coast Park

Since this week I did very little about nature, my sister is into flying kite and suggested we take a trip to West Coast Park to fly kite.

I agreed because I never fly a kite up to the sky before in my entire life!

Anyway, I wanted to bring Yvette to the adventure playground there for quite sometimes but yet have much chance. This place is inaccessible via public transport.

Kids are kids and they always curious. The moment they were by themselves, they will start to explore. The moment Yvette was placed on the picnic mat; she started to feel the grass as though she never feel it before.


She started to run too.


I moved her to the adventure playground and took off her shoes allowing her feet to feel the sand. It been awhile she hasn’t touch the sand. I think she like it.

West Coast Park

SNC00820 SNC00872

SNC00923 SNC00965

While we were at the playground, my sister, her boyfriend and my hubby were busy flying the kite up to the blue sky.


I tried flying the kite up to the blue sky with little help of my hubby and there it goes!!!

Up! Up! UP!!!


It seems so easy but it can be difficult!

Yvette can’t participate much. So she just sat on the mat eating some snack or running around on the big field. Or lying down with me watching the big blue sky!



My fav. pic


Before we went off to my mum’s place for dinner, I took a picture of sunset using my hubby’s smart phone. (In fact, all the pictures here were taken using my hubby’s smart phone. Our camera ran out of battery.)


P/S: Very hard to find toilet in this park. So if you are doing potty training, do bring along portable potty. For my case, I changed Yvette to disposable as to avoid accident. Of course, I have miss.


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