Yvette’s First Trip to Jurong Bird Park

This is a Field Trip as we were doing Letter B for this week, thus bringing Yvette to Bird Sanctuary. In fact, bird park will not new to Yvette as we been one in Hong Kong.

The weather was fine and we travelled there by cab as it was really not easy to access by public transport. We went with my sister and her boyfriend. (They have free admission pass for Jurong Bird Park.)

It has been a long time I never visit Jurong Bird Park and realised this park is not that big as expected. Zoo is really big to me.

We didn’t spend many hours there. Probably around 3-4 hours. Yvette took a short nap when we headed to see the tallest man-made waterfall in the world in its tropical rainforest setting (according to the site, it stated it is the tallest) in African Waterfall Aviary which I feel this is the highlight of the park. Unfortunately she missed it.


The Bird Park was rather crowded today and we didn’t queue to get in the “Hollywood Dino”. We covered most of the attraction except Heliconia Walk, Hornbill and Toucans Exhibit, Royal Ramble, Window on Paradise & World of Darkness. We didn’t watch any show too.

We started off with the Penguin Expedition. And Yvette simply loves it.

Kiddy Palace1


A very difference Yvette. iLike. But my niece said she looks like a boy. :S

There were two playgrounds in this park and we found out at Picnic Grounds. There is an area for water play too. I didn’t let Yvette have fun playing water as I wasn’t prepare for this. Perhaps next time.

Jurong Bird Park

We moved on after feeding Yvette lunch at Picnic Grounds to Parrot Paradise, Pelican Cove, The Riverine, & Swan Lake. Fuji Hawk Walk was closed for a day. Then Yvette dozed off.

Jurong Bird Park1

We hopped on the Panorail in hopping we could sit there to enjoy the air-con ride till Yvette was up but I was wrong. We could only take one round (3 stations) of the ride.

Yvette slept for an hour plus.

We entered the Bird Discovery Centre and Yvette was thrilled over touching the egg. She kept uttering “蛋” “蛋”.


Before we left, we brought Yvette to Lory Flight Aviary that house 1000 over free-flying lories. And Yvette really had a close encounter with the bird!



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