Yvette is 1 Year 7 Months (19 mths) Exactly

Her growing days from 18 to 19 month is a tough month for me. She seems to have her own mind now. She is gearing to the “Me” “Me” & “Me” phase of her life.


Physically (Movement)

I have no idea how tall she is and how heavy she is for this month. But I am very sure she is taller than last month. It’s because she could stretch herself to reach for things that she couldn’t get it before and even can press the lift button now.

Walking still her weakest link but there are signs of improvement.

No new hand sign was taught in the past month


I can see she is impatient, stubborn, friendly and filial.

Impatient – She can’t wait. Worst than me. Things have to be given to her almost immediately when she wants it.

Stubborn – Things she doesn’t want to do, even you scold her, she will insist not doing it.

Friendly – Very sociable child. She always wave to stranger and say “hi”. But she is only sociable when she is approaching others, but when the “stranger” takes initiative, she will tend to shy away.

Filial – She always share her food with us. She always feed us with her food. She ensures our shoes are taken out of the shelves before she leave home. She always comes forward to kiss us never fail to be more affection day by day.

Behaviour (Mentally) & Motor Skills

18 mth1

Her concentration improved.

Socialisation seems to be one of her priority when she is out.

Though Yvette enjoy being around with other children, she is still not interacting with other playmates. They just play side by side. She loves her cooking toy so much that she has to play with it every day.  (see Play Date with Lorraine too.)

She is very very curious. She treats every day as a brand new day to her. Endless exploration of environment at her end. Open and close the cupboard. Climbing up and down every where she could reach in the house.

18 mth3

She learn how to switch on the lights, open the letter box and able to screw tight a bottle. (Still don’t how to unscrew.) She likes to press the “button on the traffic light” (I don’t how to give it a term). And she will be very happy after pressing them and also especially when the traffic light turns to “Green man”. It seems like to her, she have achieved something.

She loves dancing to music. Love to perform and not shy at all with music around. She loves to turn round and round now. But when she turns she will lift up one hand to support this movement.

She learns how slide down by her own. She shows some apprehension but she still willing to try again and again with my encouragement.

IMG_3296 - Edited

IMG_3305 - Edited

IMG_4546 - Edited

She likes to ride toys. I bought a wooden rocker for her and convert the push walker to ride for her this month. And She loves to push the shopping cart with “sandwiches” and the “mini stroller” with “passenger” around the house.

She gets even more excited when she sees cat, dog  and bird. But sometimes she got them all mixed up. -.-!!!

She picked up the ball and threw more often in the past month. She loves to kick the ball more too. She chuckled when Papa making “monkey tricks” using the ball.

She loves talking over phone especially asking me to call her father everyday by picking the phone sitting on the TV console.

She seems to have strong preference for certain books, particularly flip book. Her favourite character is Spot.

An undesirable behaviour for the whole of 18 to 19 will be; she knows how to “urge” us to open fridge to take food for her.

Her dislikes & Fear

She still hates to brush teeth and water running over her head.

She still dislikes seeing blocks being stack up. She prefers to just bang them down when I stack them up.

When doing the B learning activity with her last week, I found out that she actually afraid of balloon being inflated and deflated.

Potty Training

I will say Yvette is 60% close to potty trained now. She is able to hold her urine for at least 2 hours. She could hold her urine most of the time when she was asked to except the 5 days we were travelling. On an average I am washing 3-5 pieces of training daily with 1-2 “confirmed miss” from night training.

Challenges for the next 40% will be:

  • Encourage her to sit on the potty or the bowl. I have brought a new toilet sit for her and left the potty outside our room. I have also made effort to let her sit on them before I let her pee into the sink.
  • As mentioned in last month development update, Night training is almost impossible. I am considering letting her to wear diaper after she slept (since she is able to tell me she needs to pee even with disposable). And read out for signs when she is ready eg. Sometimes she doesn’t mind waking up to pee too.
  • I think now she understands the meaning of hold but I don’t understand why sometimes after she pee, she will still press against her private area indicating the need to pee again. Sometimes she do it so many times and I ended up bring her fruitless trip. Frustrations build up within me when it happen again and again.

Vocal development – Speech

She got very loud voice when she really shouts!

This month, she was uttering every last word she heard in any of our conversation or even other people conversation too. And I am surprise her diction is very accurate.

She could utter many words start with B such as bubble, ball, bird, book, bear, but she just could pronounce banana. She always utters that as “nana”.

She starts to anticipate more and could sing the last of word of every lyrics of her favourite song. In the past she only anticipated doing those hand signs of the song.

She expresses amusement and could utter after me “hip-po-po-ta-mus”.

I realise I didn’t teach her how to express in complete sentence since the day she could say something meaningful. (爸爸抱抱) I should start to teach her sentence like “I want this”, I want that” and “我要”now.

She will produce a sound that sound like pronouncing the word “air” “air” “air” when she couldn’t get the thing done.

She learns the word 大伯,舅舅 & 舅母 from the book I made from her thru our weekly learning activity.

She could pronounce her own Chinese name this month.

Meal Time

She is attempting to feed herself. She could drink from cup independently. During meal time, we will have two pairs of fork and spoon. Sometimes I separated her meal into two portions; so that she could feed herself while I feed her too.

Emotions (Tantrum)

She is a little devil. She will cry hard if she doesn’t get what she wants. She will lie on the floor to cry too.

It seems her tantrum development is heading toward the peak of pre-mature terrible two!!!

And yes, this is my fav. photo of Yvette. This was taken one week after she turned 18 mths. She looked like an adult to me. Eat and shop at the same time!  她像一个小大人!!!



3 thoughts on “Yvette is 1 Year 7 Months (19 mths) Exactly

  1. The 小大人 reminds me of the signs we saw when we went to Underwater World. For the Entrance Fees, it said 大人 and 小人. We thought it was so unusual to have those words used for “Adult” & “Child” and truly amusing. But when we reached the Entrance Ticketing Booth, we realised that maybe those were for Japanese? Bc there was also another line in Chinese I should think, that said 成人 and 儿童. *hehe*.

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