Some Reviews On My Motherhood’s Essential

After being a mum for 18 mths, I realise sometimes even we have done homework on baby stuff to buy but still it may not suit us after using it for months or even days. Then we have to source for another alternative again. Several months ago I share my views on the carrier I have and been using. (It’s a great help to me when I used it in Hong Kong.)

Many will agree; you will have many white elephants at home after having a baby. We always buy too many things and ended up not using. Besides the 3 white elephants I have at home, I have many other things too. (Usually I will try to give them away.)

Well, I do have baby stuffs that I have been using since Yvette was born till now and I really find these stuffs are essential to my motherhood. Perhaps yours?

Avent Breastmilk Containers


I brought these containers to store my milk in the fridge when I pumped my milk using electronic pump when Yvette was 0 to 3 mths. Then I learnt how to latch Yvette and kept these containers in cupboard. I used these containers again when I was weaning Yvette solid. I used them to keep those chicken/vegetable stock that I prepared and kept them in the fridge.

Yvette didn’t really like porridge and I started to give her more rice than porridge, I used this container to store her biscuits and also bring them out storing cooked oat and fruits.

These containers are so easy to clean and convenient to bring along. It’s leak proof, twist-on lid. It’s a safe storage and easy to transport. A set of containers usually come with 10. With this, I do not need to buy containers to store her biscuit anymore. And Yvette has more than a type of biscuits. I can also pass the whole bottle of biscuit to her as it is so easy to grip.

It indeed a container that is a versatile, BPA-Free, space saving storage system designed to grow with your baby.

Read more here if you will like to find out the benefits this container could give you.

Nappy cloth


Yvette was not using cloth diaper but I was asked to buy a set of nappy cloth as advised by my confinement nanny. She highlighted to me this cloth is soft and breathable. It’s so much better to swathe the baby using this rather than those swaddle.

I obey.

We brought 10 pieces of Pigeon for a start.

When Yvette was older, swaddling her was no longer required. As I didn’t buy many pieces of nursing top, I used the cloth as a nursing bib when I am out.

Now I got 40 pieces of them.

I brought another 30 (in Malaysia) when I started to potty trained Yvette. (Buy this in Malaysia, it’s so much cheaper. The cloth is at least 50% cheaper. And price in RM for all nappy cloth in Malaysia is about the same.)

20 pieces of Anakku and 20 pieces of Pigeon. I used Anakku for potty training and Pigeon as towel. Pigeon is definitely much better than Anakku. Anakku would get out of shape after hand-washed. Pigeon is absorbing better than Anakku.

Combi Cutter


I brought this set of cutter when I saw my friend cutting food for her daughter. I asked her why she wasn’t using the normal scissor which is much cheaper. Then she shared with me the pro of using this cutter.

Hygiene – This cutter is kept in a box and it’s easy to clean after use.

Safe – Yvette like to explore my bag too. I always carry the cutlery set and this cutter whenever I am out with her. So if so happen that I don’t keep “the scissor” properly; Yvette could have hurt her when she found them inside my bag.

Cutting performance – The blade of the cutter is not sharp and still can perform wonder. This cutter can cut fish ball, noodles even meat easily.

I have been using them for half a year.  So far so good. And it’s really a great help when we were in Hong Kong when we ate noodles most of the time.

Time flies…

My Yvette will turn 19 mths tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Some Reviews On My Motherhood’s Essential

  1. hi hi! Where did you get the cutter? I would like to get one too. My boy is still really not advanced at all when it comes to food. Almost 18 months but when he eats anything with too much fibres/strands and he merlions…sigh.

  2. Uncle Beng,

    Ya 19 mths liao… very fast hor…


    You can get it from any big store selling Combi product. It should be easily found.

    For food, slowly la.. soon he will eat like glutton!

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