Yvette’s First Concert – SSO Babies Proms

Thanks Sam for telling me this concert and selling me the tickets. As both of us do have the intention to introduce Music to Yvette, so I gladly accepted Sam’s offer.

In fact this was the first time for our family to attend a concert together. (Even for me and my hubby too.)

Recently, I have difficulty to get Yvette to sleep on time. As such, Yvette didn’t rest well but I have to wake her up at 9.30 am. I only managed to do basic cleaning up for her as we have to leave the house by 9.45 am.

We headed off to MacDonald to have breakfast since the show was at 10.30 am. This was the first time our family eating in a fast food eatery in Singapore. Fast food is never our option when come to food. (Both of us eat fast food less than 3-5 times per year.)

Yvette was well behaved, sat thru and I never expect she could finish one piece of pancake. (She didn’t like it the first time when I let her tried pancake when we were in Hong Kong.)


It’s getting late, and we took a cab there.


Although Yvette is not new toward this classical music; I actually listened to most of them when I was pregnant. But still Yvette didn’t sit thru the concert as expected. She was more interested in exploring every nook of the concert hall. She was excited when the listeners were clapping their hands after each piece. And she made me brought her 2-3 toilet trips in this one hour concert too. She was running around like all other tots but Baby Jacob sat thru. (Thumb up)


At the end of the concert, kids were invited on stage but sadly parents were not allowed. So we didn’t bring Yvette toward the stage. And I have forgotten what had happened, Yvette started to throw tantrums and crying and lying on the floor. Luckily most people was busying getting on the stage, if not we would have invited many many stares!


We asked her "Are you done"!

Both of us didn’t get to enjoy the concert as me was busying taking care of Yvette while hubby find that the concert was too noisy. But I am sure; this will not be the last concert we will be attending.


7 thoughts on “Yvette’s First Concert – SSO Babies Proms

  1. Haha.. Sam because Yvette was co-operative and we were lucky.

    Mac is only less than 5 mins away from our house. We spent 20 to 25 mins there and Yvette was eating by herself and with my min. help.

    Remember there is a taxi stand near by. We managed to take a cab immediately when we out of Mac and this driver took the KPE route, no jam at all and only took us 10 mins to reach there.

    In fact we were like 5 mins early.

    BTW, thanks for your info. I will read thru the link.

  2. Hi! Not sure if you can recall – I sat beside you at the concert with my girl on my lap. (I gotten my ticket fr sam too!) What a coincidence to bump into u here again! I think you did a really gd job in blogging here! I really enjoyed reading your entries! My girl attends JG Playclub at Forum too and I am so amazed how you diligently blog abt each lesson here!!! ^_^

    • bwee,

      If you ask me how u look like, honestly I can’t recall. But I do remember there is a kind mother sitting beside me and letting my child to have your daughter seat.

      Thanks for the compliment. I only trying to do my best to record all the moments… be it be sad or happy!

      Yr girl at Playclub? What is her timing?

  3. Hi sunflower!

    Think that kind mummy wasn’t me lah cos I only got one ticket and my girl was under 2 so she sat on my lap throughout.

    My girl is currently attending Playclub 4x a wk. Mandarin on Tue/Thu 9am and English on Wed/Fri 9am. However, I am thinking of doing only the Mandarin next term cos it’s so tiring travelling almost everyday….. :/ I am in a fix cos my girl loves ALL her Playclub sessions and I am not sure if I will be able to ‘entertain’ or ‘educate’ her as much at home if I pull her out…

    May I have your email? Cant find it anywhere on yr blog. Would love to chat with you more since we have common topics like playclub to talk abt. 🙂

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