BookFest @ Singapore 2009

IMG_4012It’s planned agenda for today. After our concert, I will like to go BookFest @ Singapore 2009 in Suntec.

So we walked from Victoria Concert Hall to Suntec City. We cut thru Esplanade, walked thru Marina Square before we ended ourselves at Suntec. (I think this was the first time we were walking via this route during the daytime.) It’s sunny and with little wind as we walked but Yvette didn’t seem to be bothered over the hot weather. In fact, she was enjoying herself under the sunbeam. And this cute little one, always know who to bully!!!



Yvette loves water. She was thrilled over the sound created by the water.


"Papa Bao"


See clever girl



Papa found ants and wanted to show to Yvette but Yvette was running away.

It was still early when we reached, not much crowd. I was happily choosing my books and my hubby was busying taking care of Yvette.

I spent most of my time in the Chinese Dept to source book for Yvette for her curriculum at home.

Time has changed.

Comics with classic title for children are selling on shelves in the Bookfest. I do like the book but it might be too early to let Yvette read it. I was carried away choosing the books and forgotten Yvette needs to eat. My hubby carried her to me and she was uttering “mum” “mum” mean hungry and “nai” “nai” mean milk. She was hungry!

I quickly left the basket of books at one corner and left to the nearest food court to have our lunch. After lunch, we went up to the exhibition hall again to make our payment for our purchases and then head home.


Those activity books only selling at S$1


Books for listening skill. Comes with VCD. It's selling at S$8.95 each and if you buy 4, 20% discount; buy 5 30% discount. You could combine with other books having the same promotion.


This is cheap. Only S$6.90

P/S: This Bookfest is worthwhile going. You can find a wide range of books in this fest but not everything is cheap.


4 thoughts on “BookFest @ Singapore 2009

  1. Thank you very much for the timely review! 🙂 Just bought some Chinese flashcards/books and laminating machine from Popular and was wondering if the BookFest would be too crowded for my fussy boy.

    I’m so inspired by your enthusiasm to educate Yvette well. Cheers! 🙂

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