Yvette Drinking From Cup Independently

This month, my dear Yvette could drink from cup without much water was spilled onto the floor. She could also drink water from the mineral water bottle and my water bottle too. But letting her drinking all by herself using these two bottles will give me some chores to do.

She started drinking from cup since young age as I was trying to wean her off from breastfeeding. She rejected bottle, so I tried cup. She didn’t mind drinking water from cup but she rarely drank milk from the cup.

So cup is not a stranger to her at tender age of 6 mths. Even my water bottle and mineral water bottle are not any stranger to her.

Being a very curious baby/toddler, she always stares hard on me when I am doing my stuffs beside her. One day, when I was drinking my water, I saw her looking at me intensely. This idea came into my mind, I let her tried drinking water from my bottle and soon she like the idea. So from time to time, if I am drink water, I let her have a sip.

Slowly and surely, she wanted to take control over the cup and bottle and drink all by herself. I didn’t “train” her every day. Only from time to time when I do remember, I will pass her the cup. But still, I will still be the one holding it. However, if I do pass her the cup, when the water spill on the floor, I hardly or almost never scold her for the accident.

A few days ago, I received an email from Mum Centre. (Usually I hardly open the mail and read timely.) I opened the mail and I read on. It record baby from 18 to 24 mth can drink from cup easily. So, I just give it a try. I think I am blessed with luck that Yvette can really drink from cup easily without much “opportunity” to do so.



Yvette is not early to achieve this milestone, she is just in time. But one thing I found out is, she can drink using her LEFT hand holding the cup and eat with her RIGHT hand. Hmmm can she draw circle using left hand and right hand drawing square in the future!!!


Anyway, I do have some experiences to share regarding this:

  • Never give our child full cup of water. Always fill the cup with only a quarter of water to minimize accident.
  • Never scold our child for spilling the water onto the floor. They have no idea how to control the flow of the water as they are still learning.
  • Some train using training cup. This I never try (I start straight from normal cup) but this is a good choice of cup to use for a start.
  • Some use different cup. I use a mixture of cups and bottles. (To make it interesting?)

4 thoughts on “Yvette Drinking From Cup Independently

  1. Congtatulations to Yvette! My boy rejected the bottle too, common among breastfed babies. This actually saves us Mums lots of effort in having to wean them from the bottle and slowly progress to a cup. Our experiences on cup-feeding are shared at http://www.mummysreviews.com/tag/cups

    Hmm… Avoid re-usIng mineral water bottles for drinking, especially for Yvette, as the plastic is not of good quality.

    Happy drinking! 🙂

  2. Can lah – can use cup. JR has been using cup for a few months already. The terror of it all is when he decides to play with it. Shake it around or upside down. That’s what we have to watch for. And for that reason, we use a beaker most times. *haha* But when he’s outside, he’s quite fine as long as we watch him and do not let him “monkey” around with the open cups.

  3. Mummy to Baby V,

    Thanks for reminding me. I am aware re-using mineral water bottles for drinking are not good. In fact, we don’t use that at home and I hardly even give Yvette drink water from that type of bottles.


    Yes, when out, I am more conscious. I also scare make a mess outside. I watch more closely too. At home, I just leave the cup to her.

  4. Actually I’m probably more afraid at home…bc can imagine if he starts shaking the cup or spoon that has soup or milk in it. It’d be on my curtains & sofa! Outside at foodcourt, at least all surfaces quite easily cleanable.

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