Yvette Learning & Having Fun – Lesson 1 (Nov 30 to Dec 6)


JGC did offer 3 weeks of holiday programme after the term ended. I didn’t sign Yvette for the programme mainly I feel holiday should be holiday. It shouldn’t be incorporated with too many programmes. I feel my kid deserves a well break during her holiday.

So I decided to surf around in this wonderful blog sphere to find out what Yvette could learn at home while still having fun.

Thanks to all mummies out there who so willing to share what they did with their child and this benefits me so much. I adopted some of the activities they did with their child and incorporated some of my own ideas too. I need to read up more about Learning Childhood Learning and yet have much time to do so.

Anyway, I manage to plan the lesson adopting A Letter A week, A Word A Day. I also included craft, Maths (or I should say number), Science (Experiencing and Experimenting) & motor skill activities to do in the entire week. (Depending on the time I have with Yvette. I try but we don’t do A Word A Day faithfully.)

I did not start immediately after she turned 18 mths mainly due to her class with JGC was still on and we going away for about a week holiday. I didn’t want to start and couldn’t get the momentum going. So it was delay till last week and finally I can kick off the first lesson.

If you will like to find out what we did for the past week in details, click to continue.

Lesson plan set out using the following sites and some of my own ideas:

No Time for Flashcard

Home School Creations

IMG_3322The lesson started off with introducing dates, day, greeting on the white board where Yvette loves the idea. She loves to play with those cards too. Luckily these cards are made by me and the replacement cost of replacing them will be cheap.

Do you notice the colour for the dates in number and Chinese wording was not the same? I have made a mistake for that. We have also changed the arrangement for the Chinese Date to be “十二月十日”instead of”十日十二月”. But I have yet laminated the correct colour tone of the “Dates” card.

IMG_3284I passed her the Letter A made of the coloured rice grains. It’s easy to make but time consuming. You need soaked the rice grains with coloured agent and left it dry for about 2 days before you can stick them on the paper.

Yvette focused on pulling the grains from the paper rather than the Letter A. -.-!!! (Baby that is your mum’s effort you know!!!)

Books We Read 1

Anyway, there are several books we read last week. Yvette didn’t like the book chosen by me for the core curriculum which is Snip Snap! What’s That? Instead she keep returning to book such as Chicka Chicka ABC & Pat the Bunny. I tried reading her That Apple Pie The Papa Baked. She also not interested.

Snip Snap! What’s That?

That Apple Pie The Papa Baked (Borrowed)

Chicka Chicka ABC

Pat The Bunny

I will play the CD from JGC everyday in the morning and emphasis on the letter that I want to teach for the week. I will show Yvette the book of the CD too.

English - Letter A - Edit

We covered Ant, Alligator, Apple, Arm & Angry. I planned to do Apron & Abacus but I only got my apron on our IKEA Trip on last Friday and I have misplaced the Abacus somewhere at home where I couldn’t find it when I want to teach. There are some other words that are interesting to teach too such as Ambulance, Apricot, Airport, Ambulance, Aeroplane etc

The only craft we did last week was “making” an Alligator. (You may find step by step here.) Yvette learnt how to squeeze out the glue and paste those “eyes” & “teeth” onto the paper. She did some colouring too. The effort allocation of this craft was 80% vs 20%. Well, I guess this was the beginning. Many motor skills like cutting, pasting and colouring need practice. (All the materials used are from Popular and Daiso.)



I used Baby Senses – Sight to teach Angry. She likes this book and seemed she was immersed into “reading” it.


I categorized Tasting Apple as part of the Science, Sensory in this lesson. Yvette was experiencing eating Green Apple the first time. Yvette has never tried green apple before. I think after 18 mth, it will be good to introduce her some sour taste. So I decided to start with green Apple. I let her smell both apple then I will peel and cut the apple in front of her. At the same time, I can introduce her apple core, the skin and the apple. And she could witness the whole process of getting an apple ready.


Nature walk – Looking for Ants

I brought Yvette for a walk in Toa Payoh Park to search for Ant. Nice strolling in the nature but we didn’t find many ants. I guessed I was more worried Yvette might fall into the pool than looking for ants.

It's hard to get toddler to pose for you!!!

It's hard to get toddler to pose for you!!!

I think Arm was the hardest to teach for me. Usually we will say “lift” up your hand and get change. It hard to explain the correlation of raising the hand is also lifting up the arm. But well, I only kept telling her. “Yvette, this is your arm” every day. And show her the word.

I took many pictures when I was trying to teach for two reasons. One was of course for my site here. Another was to make into a card for Yvette to revise. I used the Velcro Tape and laminated those cards. Using Velcro Tape allow me to remove the word easily when I want to test Yvette understanding of those words in the future.

Since we were at Letter A; I chosen this Apple Song for our Songs and Rhymes for the week.



I brought Yvette to playground almost every day (if weather permit) unlike in the past where she only get to go when she got no class. I found out she could step up the steps rather firmly holding on the railing at the side. (Walking is her weakest link but she seems to have a strong arm.)



I arranged two play dates for her too. One to her classmate house (Play Date with Lorraine) and in the end we ended in the indoor playground another was to invite my neighbour to our place. The girls were funny. And again, they didn’t play together too, they played side by side.


Math is fun

I print out different size of Apple and place it on the floor and show Yvette Sequencing (Here). She didn’t seem to be interested. She always moved away when I was trying to teach this to her.


I brought this Soft Foam Number Puzzle from Learning Resource for Yvette to learn number thru play. Besides learning those numbers, Yvette needs to manipulate it in order to insert them into the form. But sadly, she only interested in playing the box!!!


Toy fun

Out of sudden she going back to play her toy instruments which she had left them in the “Cold Palace” for quite sometimes. Apparently she seemed to enjoy the tunes created by her, no matter how cacophonous.


I finally remember the push walker I have could convert into a ride. I finally let it down and Yvette love riding on it. I also brought a second hand wooden rocker. Yvette also likes it very much.

Her favorite word for this month is “Press”. She uttered it without the “s”. So we took out this toy and kept repeating the word “Press” to her.


I had finally gotten the forks, spoons and knife from IKEA. Yvette was more interested in playing with them instead of matching and putting them into a set. I think she need more time to practice on her concentration.


Well, I had so much fun for in the past week doing home schooling with Yvette for “real” for the first time. I don’t deny there are many work need to done to make it happen. Her school term with JGC will start in 4th Jan 10 and I will adjust the curriculum according to her need from time to time.

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