Rock Climbing

I feel like I am a couch potato after I have Yvette. I hardly exercise where I used to do it a lot in the past.

No more running, cycling and even step aerobics.

However, due to my niece and my thoughtful hubby, I was able to do rock climbing today. (Hubby was taking care of Yvette in the pool while I climbed.)

Rock Climbing

I really miss this sport. I have not been doing it for years. However, I still manage to climb up without many difficulties but “wrong way” of doing it. All safety rules were observed but I did not climb using the same number coding of the rock.

My niece taught me plenty of safety rules and also helps me with all the gears.

It’s refreshing and definitely will like to climb again.

While waiting for my turn to up the rock, I saw a group of small little boys and girls were learning how to climb too. I checked with the instructor what the min. age for this sport is. He told me is 5.


I feel this sport takes plenty of determination and discipline to reach the top. It’s also taught us to make the right decision (which rock to climb so that we won’t fall) when we are in the middle of the climbing. (Think logically at critical stage.)

So besides swimming, perhaps rock climbing will be the next sport for Yvette to embark on as she really loves to climb!


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